Well at times it seemed like I was never going to make it, but I stuck to my schedule as best I could and I have finished bang on time, It leaves me all this week clear to tidy up things, chop together a nice-looking themed Army list (later post perhaps) and makes some stop-gap objective markers whilst we await the Slaughterhouse, bondage pain-bunny concubines, plus I’m not convinced GW would let me use models with ball-gags etc ….

There will be lolling about and much chillaxing also.

Heres My Archon, Lord Vidious, the Kabal, it’s. HIS. I have taken influence from a few characters I adore from outside the GW sphere. He’s kinda the special character I always wanted them to do , anyway there’s some flavour text for him if you can be bothered to wade through it at the bottom, I’ll try for a full army shot tomorrow at the club, but no promises because I’ll need good lighting as the army is so black….

I will say I’m pissed off with my appalling sculpting on the hair, I have done my best to hide it with paint, but I nearly had ‘fuck-it’ moment, was not happy, were there time I would re-do it , but there ain’t and he looks ok.

A word in your ear sssire ….

I’m raising a glass to celebrate finishing, wish me luck  😀


Archon Vidious cast his burning ruby eyes over the carnage below, the eternal hollow gnawing sensation had started to fade a little, far more and ever inventive atrocity would yet be required to satisfy his needs and return his chillingingly beautiful countenance to the image of perfection


His bone white  blood spattered hair boiled around his face in the high winds battering what was left of the Raid-site.


Below, Female figures danced and cavorted in the flicker from dirty orange flames, their music the haunting screams of their Mon keigh victims as they were slowly torn to shreds and scattered by the dance, a strange seemingly multi limbed creature floated nearby enjoying the performance, an array of strange implements and vials glinted wetly in the fire light.


A strange noise caught his attention, He looked downs into a Large red eye which flickered around to meet his gaze, a feral intelligence stared back, its depths spoke of an eternity of hunger and frustrated rage.


The Sorrow-shard, as Vidious had appropriately named it, was an Artefact that had been acquired in the early days of the Invidious Requiem, possessing only a single ship, they had travelled to many far flung planets in search of slaves, booty and Slaughter preying on a bewildering array of cattle race ships as and when they encountered them.


He suspected it was either an alien life form or some sort of Archaic fusion of Alien and deamonic technology… Long and wickedly curved its body was an oddly organic looking blade of an unknown pitch black material, Molecularly sharp and destructively fatal. Unknowable alien hieroglyphs would come to life and pulse like a dull red heartbeat across its length in eager anticipation of impending violence.


If it had been fabricated or ‘grown’ the process was far beyond even the consummate technological and biological skill of the Dark Eldar. One thing was for certain though, its hunger for death and slaughter surpassed even his own, he delighted in it’s single minded brutality and enjoyed the battle of wills required to prevent amusing yet inconvenient deaths. Their relationship was symbiotic, he offered it perpetual Massacre and in turn it shared the stolen energies of the deaths far more spectacularly than his own Innate dark eldar ability to feed on pain and destruction.


One of his Incubi mercenaries noiselessly slid over to him, the basic act of simply walking conveyed cold murderous efficiency. Vidious looked at the flat, cold and highly polished mask of his hired Killing machine “ What is it V’shaak ?“ A flat tone responded from inside the helm “ My Lord, the Cult of the Crimson Tide indicate the prey has been exhausted here, the Mon keigh slaves of the corpse god are no doubt on their way in force.” Vidous cast his eyes back over the charnel house below once more, satisfied with his work he gave a razor grin “ Yes, we lack the numbers and weaponry here to engage in open warfare, this was only an amusing diversion, get your associates and the Crimson tide back to the raiders, we will return to The Black Star now, the rest of my forces should be mobilized now, these witless Mon Keigh are clearly overdue for their education.”


Moments later the knife-like shape of the Wyches raider could be seen vanishing over the horizon, its sleek black shape quickly disappearing into the gloom, it’s passage only tracked by the glowing exhaust from it’s engines.


Vidious leapt up in a single bound onto the decks of the Incubi’s Raider, His own Tantalus left behind in favor of the smaller lighter transport better suited to these small speculative hunting raids, he could see some of the lumpen smoke belching Imperial transports coming to investigate his handiwork now, their sheer ugliness and complete lack of grace disgusted him.


The Sorrow shard twisted and pulsed in his hand, sending a thrill of sickly killing lust up his arm. Vidious had to beat down the urge to destroy these Insects in glorious close combat, “better to feed later my pet more will come” he muttered “better a feast than scraps”


Crude weapons flashed from the lump-vehicles as they slowly clattered and belched their way towards the single raider ,solid rounds kicking up dust and stitching holes in the nearby wreckage of dwellings.


Vidious laughed as his crafts flicker field briefly flared making a heavy slug that would have struck mid-ships seem to pass right through the raider.


The sleek transport came to life instantly, rising up a meter or so and swinging its nose to face the alien contraption in one effortlessly fluid movement, Vidious took control of the deck gun, sickly green light flowing out as it powered up to his touch.


The Mon keighs fire tracked the raider as it danced from cover to cover, playing with them, always flitting away just before they could bring their shells on target, tracer disappearing harmlessly into the night.


Vidious pumped darkmatter at the leading vehicle, the first beam of impossibly bright sickly-green Light split the night and surgically sliced a section of tracks away from the vehicle, it slewed to one side as Vidious sent several stabs into its now exposed soft side armour, the vehicle seemed to go limp and belch more smoke then usual, hatches were thrown open and the Mon keigh spilled out fleeing for cover. Smirking, Vidious put some shots into the small figures for good measure, he enjoyed the overkill, two Mon Keigh were scythed apart in a flash as one beam bisected the pair of them.


Two shots smacked through the flicker field as, the mon keigh, managing to target the source of fire  put a hole in the sail, a deep buzzing marking its passage as the other smashed into the prow blowing chunks out of the plating there and ploughing straight through to punch an Incubi from his feet, smashing him onto the mast support as it continued on to destructively exit out of the rear of the Raider, the steersman managing to narrowly avoid a messy death.


Enjoying himself thoroughly Vidious put two shots on the dead centre of the offending vehicle. The first spent its energy in the thick metal leaving a glowing white-yellow bore hole for the second shot to blow straight through, it eviscerated the innards of the box neatly slicing through and disintegrating everything in its path, spending the last of it’s energy in the fuel tanks. Vidious’ wicked grin was lit up by the sudden ball of fire in the distance, debris rained down on the survivors of the first wreck as thick under-lit black smoke gushed up into the night sky blotting out the stars.


The Archon Signaled for the steersman to break off, his night vision had picked up more smoke belching lumps in the distance and the raider was unlikely to forgive further punishment, spitting plasma it roared off into the gloom like a phantom, impossibly fast.


As he hurtled through the night Vidious’ thoughts turned to the coming conflict, those reinforcements would arrive to nothing but destruction and carnage the babbling terrified reports of a shadowy ghost craft that spat deadly light from the darkness and moved fast enough to appear to simply vanish, planted seeds of fear and confusion in the forces of the corpse god, it amused him to think of their misplaced arrogance, how ignorant of their complete inferiority these hu-mans were.


As the Raider hurtled back to the Dark Star in the night, another cruel smile crept across his lips, the Sorrow shard was purring in his hand.


 This first small lesson was just a taste of horrors to come Mon Keigh, he thought,


 Just a taste