So yeah, I’m not really one to let things lie, I may be having a little trouble letting go of the whole “your army is too crap for ToS thing” so I may have submitted a bunch of piccies into GW’s Flikr pool…..

I thought I might mention it in case anyone went on there, saw my army and thought that it was mighty strange it did not get even a sniff of a nomination .

Just to clarify I neither expected or deserved to win best army, I think the right person won in the end but some of the other nominations were frankly bizarre and the whole thing left a bad taste in the mouth, I’m by no means the first to point this out either.

Maybe a few of you reader types could throw me a bone here :oP

Call this an experiment if you will

PS, Conversely  if I’m being an arrogant Fapbag, hit me up in the comments, and no I don’t mean the usual Shard stuff, specifically in relation to just this M’kay ?