Pretty tired right now and I have a large box of Infinity stuff to work through for my 40k sabbatical, which will be after I clean up assemble and probably paint my shiny new Tantalus, which will be nice for a bit of a chill.

I’ll try and cover my games as best I can possibly tomorrow, of 5 games only one was non-marine derived, even my casual game the night before was vs a Paladin Star .

I’m a bit pissed I did not even get a nomination to be judged for best army, there were actually some very nice armies chosen but the Judges did not even stop to look at mine, I have realized it is far to subtle to be noticed on the tabletop, I could have put a quarter of the effort into this army and no-one would notice. people just walking past completely ignored it, was a little heartbreaking If I’m honest.

My Club Did well, Ryan picked up best GK with a minimal spam non net list Ben, Adam and Sam did really well I think we were all in the top quarter, the ย scoring tables are slightly confusing but other than Best DE I think I was 3/4th overall and If not for one dumb mistake I would have been 2 points short of the tourney maximum for a possible overall win, even then I possibly could not win as there were quite a few DE players and some of them were putting in a good showing.

Still I’ll go away content & undefeated and I’m really pleased a list I considered underpowered saw me proud.


Once again Empy boys, thanks guys had a great time largely thanks to the good company, hopefully we can get the rest of the club interested for next time and give tha haggis stuffers a run for their money ๐Ÿ™‚