Well well well, a new Rave review , how long HAS it I been ? firstly a wee hobby update. I have been taking a nice break form hobby for the most part, though I have not been completely Idle There is a 99% assembled Tantalus (twas a pig) and a fair number of Combined Infinity models to show for the time, I was a little frustrated last weekend as I am waiting for the micro art bases for my Infinity stuff before I start painting them and would have been a goodly chunk of the way through the Tantalus Paintwork by now but am waiting on a replacement part from FW, essentially wrote off the weekend, its funny as I have plenty of assembled and even base coated DE stuff to work on but that’s not the stuff I have the enthusiasm for right now , I’m even still waiting on my replacement BF tray, what is it with the mini industry sometimes ? looks like this weekend is going to be written off too as I have called both places that ‘should’ have got stuff to me by now and both have said the things wont be with me til next week …… Fail

I think I’ll assemble the Scourges and maybe force myself to pick up something I don’t want to paint ….. Reavers Certainly need doing, a couple of my friends have put in for various Court of the Archon for my impending year-closer-to-death day so I’m not allowed to buy any let alone paint any….. which is the only other unit I have any enthusiasm for atm…..

On the subject of THAT particular day, Rants Birthday has been arbitrarily set to Halloween, There is going to be a competition/giveaway amongst other things so stay tuned.

Anyway this is turning into a ramble so I’ll get on with the article at hand.

The Ravager, So it’s essentially a gunship variant of the Raider with some extra armour and 2 more lances, Lances at a reasonable price are almost non-existent elsewhere in the book and the Ravager packs just enough volume that you ‘should’ achieve something every time it fires.

Amour 11 on a heavy support choice is hardly anything to write home about, however it’s the highest AV in the book and is only narrowly edged out for ‘on paper’ survivability by the closed-topped void raven , however on a points efficiency and ease of gaining cover basis I feel that the Ravager has the edge.

Subsequently this combination of good value and being the only source of multiple long ranged mobile lances means it is a staple of ‘competitive’ spam lists, for the record it’s a nightmarish dogsh1t to paint properly.

Early Ravager Prototype

 God, now I’m sat here trying to write about it it’s tough to find much to write other than It’s cheap, most cost effective AT heavy support we have , does not mean it’ s good , just grin and bear it m’kay ? and it often edges out the other choices because we need the AT , anti Infantry is pretty much covered just by taking a DE army , well for most lists anyway.

The Razorwing is 40 points more for a the loss of a lance and is harder to hide / gain cover for , of course it nukes the ever living Mum-Ra out of things but that may not be required if the rest of your list covers it (Venom spam) but you will always always ALWAYS need more lances, if they were a bit better than they are for their price and availability  this would be less the case.

I hate spam and I think a list can cope loosing a single lance as well as finding the points for a Razorwing, I don’t know about 1500, I would prob have to ditch it, not that I will play 1500 voluntarily anymore …. To be honest a pair of ravagers should be the staple default choice for any DE army IMO, I have written a flyer themed list that does away with them alltogether but the rest of the list has to pick up the slack so to speak.


Ravagers I will rarely reserve, I want them on the table nice and early laying down suppression (that’s all they can really be relied on for) if its spearhead and my opponent is going first I’ll reserve them, I often have an internal struggle when I have won first turn, my inclination is to gamble on their small chances of a seize to have good shooting position/range from the get go, I have been punished for this in the past, not so long ago I had been experimenting with more aggressive deployment and had the Initiative stolen from me three games in a row, ouch subsequently I just won’t risk it, always set it up in cover or at least so a minimum of your opponents ranged threats can draw uncovered los to it, with Tlos it’s always going to be kind of hard to actually hide but the opportunity does arise, I would humbly suggest you take that opportunity when you can as the ravager has the speed to come out of hiding , hopefully take up another good/covered position and get the drop on it’s targets, in a lot of games it is just flat impossible to hide and things like psyflemen will punish you horribly if they get to shoot, all you can do is put lances on them and hope that if/when you do penetrate you don’t stun/shake the damn thing , immobilized results are a stab I the back from your dice, send them to the microwave, essentially 50% of results do effectively jack. (that stupid rule alone is enough to make me want to disintegrate Ward, let alone the rest of Codex Rape knights)

Be sneaky with them , move from cover to cover, if there is none, use your other units to give them cover , your opponent probably won’t fear them as they are just not that effective but if he is sensible he will shut you AT down as fast as he can, Ravagers will be a priority so make it as hard as you can for them. On the subject of mobility Ravagers are quite good for working around for side and occasionally even rear shots, get lances on AV 10 and they are a different animal.

 I would go for a lengthy discussion of the options available however most of them can be discarded without a second thought, bare minimum I run Flickers they are good to have, we all know this. My reasoning for them to be the primary, nay compulsory choice is simple, any of the weapons your opponent bought for long range AT/suppression will be in range weather you have night fields or not, that’s not to say NF’s are useless but for me they are secondary and certainly not compulsory if points are tight, with the Meteoric rise of the GK I am starting to see a case for their general inclusion alongside FF’s but that does see me needing to find up to 90 points in my 1750 army and does jack to help with the inevitable psyfles, NF’s will help protect from medium ranged armies and deepstriking melta (to some extent) they are oddly of more use on Raiders and anything that’s going to be up close (I have always thought they should subtract 6 from your opponents Nightight range too )

Why can I connect this to Ward/GK ?

 The rest of the options are dross and pointless except for Maybe Retrofires , though if you were doing a derp strike list why would you not take the duke ? not that I can really recommend deepstiking Ravagers, ever

In summary it’s the bang-for-buck Heavy support choice that you will take because there is nothing better in the same price range, yes a Voidraven is better but offers very similar stats for a higher price , every time I read the rules for the Void mine after reading the glorious fluff I feel like a kicked puppy.

This kicked puppy

 That’s not to say I would not take a Void Raven, actually I would…. but that’s a discussion for the next Rave Review ;o)