Hello quick one today as I had to pull a late one to make target, last warrior squad down until I expand the army to 3k+ so thats a sigh of relief. The bad news is that the Last Ravager makes this weekend a write off :o( lol I doubt I’ll ever paint the third, especially with a Void Raven on the way , getting slightly miffed with Dark Glances again anyway, my Ravagers have done nothing significant for three straight games now they aint exactly selling themselves.

Also my Batllefoam 10,000,0000 XXXXXXXL turned up today, I have put the whole entire cupboard of Commoragh into it , fun times.  They had one slight cawk up with one of the trays wich was somewhat my fault for being so anal (I prefer communicative) waiting to  see how BF handles it before writing a proper review, bags a bit big for my tastes but it’s the only way to get the damn army into a case. If you see a giant green thing that blots out the sun rumbling towards Nottingham on the 14th don’t worry It’s just me , Stearing the Battlefoam case Gargant-like to WH world….

As we know I’m going to ToS in a couple of weeks, news just in , I’m now paid up for the UK GT, I look forward to getting owned by spam of many colours, lol, no amount of loosing is going to get me to paint five more venoms or whatever else is in the current cut-and-paste DE competitive build.

For the GT I might drop the Archon for more Reavers , but thassabout it , tho conceivably I could see the incubi being replaced by more Wyches. Lets see what ToS teaches us. maybe we will even have a Void by then …

And a funny for you all, thanks for the linky Ben

 40k in about a minute