Hey,  just a quick one from me today, though it seems the last rant was popular so I shall continue my work on the next one which may turn out to be quite a large thing …

yup just happily chipped away at these a couple of hours a night this week, It’s good to know I have a whole weekend and five nights left to do two characters, though they should be done and dusted by close of business on Sunday.

Then I just need to faff together some suitable objectives as I wont have time to do my slaughterhouse bondage concubine pain girls, I’m still trying to choose/find the correct models for that….

And then there is the small matter of a pimpy presentation of the list, any help or ideas are welcome at this stage.

Hopefully back tomorrow with a painted Heamy, though thats looking increasingly challenging the further into this bottle of knob creek I get…

Yes, so I may have rewarded myself for getting all the troops and vehicles done, conversely I intend some heavy ‘rewarding’ once the characters are complete, then its nothing but computer games for a few weeks, lol

Also Rant silently slid past the one year mark, so I’m arbitrarily going to set it’s Birthday on Halloween from now on and there’s going to be a competition and with any luck a brand new banner too.

Over and out !