Right, A little bit of a self indulgence today, I want to diverge slightly from Rant’s usual all Eldar all the time message to discuss something I have been thinking about recently.

This mainly pertains to the hobby aspect of 40k, you see I’m still on a bit of a hiatus TBH which is ridiculous as I have not touched a brush to a model since Mid October. I wrote recently about my unwillingness to paint which is always a latent factor though occasionally I feel inspired and then it’s easy but that would see me do a mere handful of models every year, I know I’m no army painting machine, at the same time I’m not good enough to be top level competition painter either and won’t ever be if I don’t A. discover a love for it B. do it consistently with the aim of improvement and learning as a constant factor (Part A really helps here) and C. Actually want to …..

So where does this Leave me, I have stacks of DE left to do and a similar amount of craftworld guff to complete I want them done but not enough to do them, so I’m left with this constant buzzing niggle because they are sat there doing jack, I have not even played with my Eldar for Over a year, I’m considering giving them the heave ho…. Mainly because I know as much as I would kinda like to have them completed, short of a lobotomy, being out of work and someone paying me a heap of money to do it, It’s never going to happen, which is a shame.

Right before I turn this into a carbon copy of the last article just written differently I’ll cut to the point.

I don’t know if this goes for everyone but running on personal experience I have a hobby battery of sorts or a limit to how much I can do in a given time period, to be ‘comfortable’ It’s not very much at all, maybe a couple of hours a week, the more I ‘WANT’ to do it the more time/energy I’ll be able to expend without it feeling like work or being draining, most of the time I just paint because it has to be done …

I think the reason for this whole Hiatus thing has come about because I burnt out big time, I did over a years worth of painting (for me) in a few months and forced myself well into “this is miserable torturous work” territory, I had mostly used up my creative batteries on the first thing I did and would normally take a week or more out between things to recharge but had to plunge on and force myself to do it again and again, is there such a thing as negative hobby energy ? Either way whatever I did I went screaming right into the bowls of my hobby-fu overdraft and have yet to get back into the black.

Now obviously if this intangible source of creative-ness or energy or whatever you want to call it can be drained surely there are ways to fill up? Indeed I think there are but as with all things it’s much harder to rebuild something than it is to destroy/exhaust them.

Weirdly I have felt a bit like painting more often recently, not enough to do it buuut, y’know….. this is a good sign, I noticed this occurred right after I had read some books I particularly enjoy…hmm so I’m going to stick this out there and see what comes back.

Things that seem to recharge me seem to be things that could be loosely hobby related in some way or at some point required a great deal of creative energy from someone at some point, you hear the term inspirational bandied about a fair bit.

I have been reading a heap of graphic novels and certain comics recently searching out new music and films and returning to specific music/films/novels that I consider creatively excellent in some way.

So this begs the question, does anyone else out there ‘get’ this if so I’m curious to know what you feel your comfortable limits are , have you ever burnt out like this ? if so why and also do you have anything you do to actively to recharge or perhaps you have done it subconsciously ?


And to satisfy my curiosity, some questions

Whats your favorite (you can put more than one if you like) Hobby recharger

1. Author/novel

2. Graphic novel/author/artist

3. Film/Director/Actor

4. TV Series (we are nerds so I’ll include anime/manga here)

5. Artist

6. Band/style of music

7. Computer game

8. Physical activity (no getting busy with the Fap hand does not count)

9. Being honest what’s the one thing you do the most in your spare time.

10. Socially

My tastes can be complicated, especially right now, but I’ll try and answer my own questions these answers will only really be relevant at this point in time, though I have tried to list things that I come back to over and over.

1. Bernard Cornwell, Conn Iggulden, Joe Abercrombie, Gemmell (I would put RR Martin but his last two books are time wasted you aint never gonna get back)

2. If I had to choose only one it would be Millers Dark knight Returns, then artistically It’s Requiem Vampire knight that blows everything out of the water, I think Blade of the Immortal is masterpiece. Garth Ennis deserves an honorable mention too.

3. This is always going to be tough, but Nolan does good work, Schneider, JJ Abrams, Clint Eastwood, thinking about it I cannot honestly pick out a favorite film or even a short list, It’s very much a mood thing. Recently I really enjoyed Kick Ass and a Muppet Christmas Carol….

4. TV in England is pretty shite for the most part, I like The Big Bang Theory and how I Met Your Mother and Castle, in fact it’s mostly only light comedy stuff I want to watch atm, barring Masterchef the professionals (I’m a foodie btw) still not sure if I actually like the Game Of thrones Series yet, I’ll give it a chance and watch the next series though. Apparently I need to watch supernatural and the walking dead at some point….

5. Olivier Ledroit, Jes Goodwin, Kopinski, Smith,Brom prob quite a few more.

6. Erm mostly into bluesy rock or rocky blues, Joe Bonamassa, Jeff Healey, Seasick Steve etc, though recently been on the NIN then Fall of Envy and Drowning pool (catharsis ?), my music tastes can vary a great deal.

7. Hmm, thinking about the games I have played recently, Crysis 2 looked pretty but I found the story and acting terribad, which kinda spoiled it, I think Deus Ex ticked all the boxes for me.

8. lol, I do jack diddly at the moment, would possibly help a great deal if I did get of my arse more, In the past I have done martial arts, the gym, Rock Climbing, running and cycling, of them all I liked German longsword the most and miss it quite a bit, there has been nowhere to do it since I moved up here, 2 years now :o(

9. Currently I veg out and do pretty much nothing, I spent the entire last week or either surfing the net or reading comics, I have read an insane amount of graphic novels and comics in that time, though I think that phase of operation recharge is coming to a close.

10. Almost missed this one out as my social life is more or less non existent, I do club on the Monday nights and have a couple of friends round here who I see from time to time/almost regularly. It’s a bit of a comedown for me as a few years ago I had loads of friends where I was living before and could always have something on even if it was just an RP group, hell I could just walk into any one of a couple of bars on a given night and know people, God I need to get out more…..

So hopefully this has been a little food for thought and vaguely interesting, looking forward to seeing what people have to say.

Theres a few of you regs who I’m quite curious to hear what you are into/upto outside of the hobby and how it relates to what you do hobby wise.

I’ll leave you with the obligatory post post funneh or Two