Howdy people,

Things are afoot in my life, I finally sold old horse, he thusly avoided the glue factory however my life has me in a bit of a bind. Long story short I’m going to relocate a hundred miles asap and the whole car shenanigans has left me a bit empty of funds (well car insurance¬†theives¬†)

This leaves me having to have a bit of a clear out so 1. there is less to move and on my mind and 2. so I can top up my penniez a bit, It’s not entirely off topic because I am flogging some Eldar niceties and if we really stretch it the high elves count … to be fair my mega massive dragon centerpiece project for my HE Caledor army is worth a look.

Was hoping maybe some of you readers could help me out and spread the word a bit , maybe snag yourselves a bargain.

I’m sorry to use the blog like this and I’ll delete this ghastly ‘thing’ in a few days, I’m currently working on the last of the retro reviews as Eldar seem to be having a wee renaissance atm.

Here’s the linky –¬†Ali Baba’s cave of wonders


Thanks for bearing with me