In order to be ready for early list testing on Monday night I have stepped it up to get the Tantalus ready to rAwK.

It’s actually done now I just wanted blog pictures before the Black spray goes on tomorrow.

I managed t get a fair few things done this last week . I completed the base for it with Parts from Ryans Hilarious/tragic melt-raven ‘incident’  which has happily allowed me to continue with my theme of wrecked GK vehicles on my basing which will continue to substitute for Matt Ward’s overdue sterilization/book burning. I am particularly fond of the bodies squished into the wreckage *happy sigh*

On the same day I did the base I dealt with the all female crew , the two clinging on to the hull are magnetised for transport, each has a teeny magnet in the foot to go with one sunk into the Tantalus. Just one quick question, do you think the Pilot chick would be better with one of my glass dome helmets and that flyaway pony tail from the scourges sculpted on to add movement ? hmm, I’ll add a poll over on the right there. (well if I can ever figure out $&*@*±G WordPress)

Last Night I decided to magnetize the sail, which seemed like a spiffing plan up to the point where I utterly destroyed the front joint trying to get magnets I had put in the wrong way round out, this is a proper DE vehicle, it tortured me all last night and at one point was spattered in blood from the multiple wounds it cruelly tricked me into inflicting on my own fingers. Somehow fitting…

As you can see in the pics I have re-built and re sculpted the mast joint, there is a metal socket in there now which came from the bits box, I have no idea what the hell it is or where it came from, but it does the job, “bang tidy” Everything stays on quite securely so I’m pleased.

All of this work has of course been completed to avoid finishing the batch of Hellions I started last Sunday, who knew procrastination could be so productive?

For anyone interested I have an army list competition of sorts running in the last post, closing date is two weeks, check it out.

Path of the Warrior is in my possession and maybe Ill find time to do a vid review of it in the next week or two, I want more Vids/bat reps on the blog this year.

Hasta la vista