Apparently being off work is conducive to getting things done…

Well today we have my court of the Archon, I have done my best to get the models as varied as possible, different heads for the Medusa’s and Ur Ghuls, one of which I have re posed using hot water (possibly the only thing I like about finecrap) not one model was without some kind of casting issue but I have got the best models that could be found and will just have to GS up the stuff I could not clear up.


The Sslyth have part swaps from Wyches/Scourges/Warriors and a little heat treat here and there.

looks like someone had an ‘accident’

In game I think the squad may have been overlooked, the one time I have used the court so far the medusa eyebeams completely wiped an entire untouched tac squad leaving me with nothing to assault, if you add up the potential of the shooting coupled with a charge they can put a dent in most things.

These complete the set with the Tanta-less

In other pictures a WIP sneak peak for you all, I’m hoping to enter this in the FW open day painting competition.


It’s going very quickly so far I may well finish tomorrow.

And what post would be complete without a topical rant ? (How I lolled)

GK Rant