So to put off selling the Wolves I listed pretty much everything I have Lying around that can go Including a bunch of my painted stuff , my opening for commissions has met a lukewarm reception which A.) probably means my painting is worse than I think it is but B.) is a blessed relief as I have alot of other things that need attention atm….

Ebay listings here: *holds out cup and rattles the two filthy coins in the bottom*   Cheers

So here’s the last round of pictures on the wolf army thats still technically for sale, I have had interest but am still awaiting any solid offers.

The wolf lord is my counts-as Grimnar , but he does get run in other configurations too, I have a weakness for chainfists and cant leave home without them, plus this is a proper chainfist not a power fist with a lame stick-on mini chain shiv ,thing….

Put him next to a normal marine and you will realize he is a big laddie ….

Model was made by Steve from many parts and much swearing, we designed it together  and is to be honest probably the best model I own, I’m 90 percent certain it’s my favorite, struggling to think of anything else right this second….

next model Was also made By Steve and involved it’s fair share of expletives, he is also a very big boy , his concept was a big ‘Bear’ type character, he’s rocking old school pre heresy Termy armour as befits his status. Another fantastic model.

And Finally a model I have been keeping under my hat, it was comissioned for the army and was professionally sculpted by Matt Gubser (I think he works for Reaper now)

It cost a fortune, And I have since updated his weapon options as times move on, it’s supposed to be Russ as he might appear after some time in the eye of terror but he can be used as a lone wolf or Due to the Primarch Stature (he’s even slightly bigger than the characters above) I have had no trouble fielding it as a T-wolf statted lord, the Two wolves were converted by Steve from the best wolf GW ever produced (still is IMO) for variety, it Freki and Geri which of course is the Fenrisian wolves wargear option. of course he can be used as any number of things in a spacewolf army.

Final buyer can Stipulate weather they want this painted up or not, if it’s going to ebay it’ll be unpainted.

Hopefully someone with taste and a fat wallet will email me ;o)