Hello Again,

If you were wondering what happened to yesterdays post Tasty Taste managed to delete it somehow whilst meddling with the very fabric of the BoK network….

Just to re iterate. I am in financial poo poo atm, so (sadly) I am showcasing this army with the hopes of selling the whole thing to a collector, ultimately I would rather keep them together, however if no sensible offers are forthcoming I’ll break it down and put them up on a unit by unit basis on ebay.

I’ll re post yesterdays units below todays for posterity, so people can get a feel for the whole army.

Up next is the fully custom wolf scouts, all the detail on here has to be seen first hand !!

Stahly from the tale of painters network has very kindly agreed to Showcase them on his site also, decent bloke 🙂

Tomorrow will be some very pimped wolfguard bikers ( I do use em as claw bikers too)

Commissions !!

There has been some interest on the commission front I’m still offering some slots if anyone wants a special single figure done, I would advertise a bit more loudly but I don’t want the demand to outstrip my ability to produce, I would rather do  onlya couple of very nice commission pieces each month and still enjoy it, if that makes sense, I still have my own stuff to contend with, hence the limited  ‘slots’, If you would like me to paint something (or know someone who might) my email is up on the right there.

yesterdays showcase :

Started getting the car ready to sell today :'(