Well Here we are , final Unit pictures for my Spacewolves Showcase/Sale

These Termies are a very special unit, the amount of work that went into these… the design, sourcing the parts,  Steve doing hours of conversion and sculpting on these, of course each was painted individually as a single figure too, no batch painting here !

I have had these minis on the desk next to me these last few days, It’s going to be one hell of a struggle letting these go , I dont think I can honestly part with all of them… I may have to sell a kidney instead or something.

I’m going to finish posting the Showcase today and tomorrow, taking a closer look at the characters and a special model I had professionally commissioned for the army.

Today I am EBAY listing all the stuff from my Mechdar which I’m going to sell including some painted stuff I am paring it back to just a showcase force. there are a number of Forgeword mark 2 eldar kits and a bunch of other stuff, I think my fully painted/Complete battlefleet Gothic fleet is going up too and other assorted goodies, I’ll post linkies here once I have done all the listings as it takes ages…

EDIT: Back from ebaying everything please find here Ebay Listings many treasures.

I’ll make a final decision on weather to Ebay the wolves if there is no further interest this week, so next Saturday (6 Days) is D Day.