Howdy folks.

Another day and another post in my farewell army showcase for my Spacewolves army that is currently open to offers (for sale)

Well I have covered off the troops and the scouts, so I’ll do the first of the special units for the army , this was in fact quite literally the first unit made for the army and was heavily influenced by the characters from the lonewolves graphic novel.

Up Tomorrow heavily converted/re-sculpted custom termies ;o)

I have had some interest in the army so far but it is early stages of discussion yet, if anyone wants to make an offer the table is still open, as much as I want to keep the army together I wont cut of my nose to spite my face so if ebay is going to be the most ‘fruitful’ avenue I will sadly have to persue it…

Spread the word my friends, and thanks for following Rant.