Well now it’s all done I suppose I should throw at least a little light onto what has happened with the army in the end.

There were quite a few enquiries, I don’t know if it was just people being nosey about the price but a few of them stuck around to the end, one gentleman who I shall leave anonymous made the best offer in the end and the army from the frozen wastes of Fenris is off to somewhere a bit hotter …. Kris, its going to be quite a bit closer to you now, who knows maybe you will see it doing the rounds ; o)  though personally I hope he keeps it in a hermetically sealed bulletproof glass display cabinet.

He requested that I finished Russ to go with the army (the dogs will follow) I did him a discount rate on the group as 1. I wanted to paint it 2. felt like a fitting way to tie up the army to send it off, will be sad to see it go now but it’s a fitting end and in a way a new beginning as it’s technically my first Commission, hopefully I’ll pick up some more work …

Talking of which he has asked me to continue doing work to expand the army, there is a converted Contemptor on the Cards and El D is back in the chair once more to bring a unit of Thunderwolves to life to add to the army , there is also the potential for more and more stuff ongoing.


Should be interesting, depending on the weight of additional project requests I’m thinking about a separate web-page for all the commission work though, in a way resurrecting an Idea me and Steve had years ago.

Ebay was a fair result too so thanks to everyone from here who put in bids for stuff. :o)