Hello folks,

Well seems the army has sold which is good, and it is for a fair price, just waiting for the money to materialize now and it’s a done deal. Watch this space assuming that everything goes ok the buyer has comissioned extra work to round out and add to the army , so there are a series of commissions in the pipe, the first of which I am working on now…

Been very very busy recently trying to sort RL, so no real blog material for a while, I’m sorry about that, hopefully will be able to resume normal service soon, I have even handed over control of the club temporarily  just to take some additional pressure off.

Okay so just to tie off the last of the current goings on I do have a big fat boatload of stuff finishing on ebay later today, there’s some great stuff in there and a more or less one time opportunity to buy some of my personal painted stuff , check it out here:  G’wan treat yourself  and help me out in the process ;o)

Thanks folks.

Couple of other things, I went to see Lockout yesterday morning, it was good fun , a bit of an old school sci fi actioner, its worth seeing for Guy Pierce’s relentless wisecracks and I kinda hope it’s not the last we will see of that particular character.