Back again, been busy as all hell recently, parents have been visiting for two days, passed bike test on thurs in what can only be described as a biblical storm… no minors clean sheat, can I get a hell yeah ?!

OFC someone had to ruin it eventually and GW delivered. In spades. My disappointment stems from this, my bias to DE aside, 6th has the makings of an interesting game, I like alot of what they are trying for in there. DE took some knocks in the core rules which to some degree I had hoped could be fixed with an appropriate FAQ.


Agonisers simply cannot justify their cost, clearly overpriced now (they were anyway) huskblade (on its str3 platform) is never going to justify it’s cost, Vect himself may as well stay at home with his Failmobile, the inevitable deluge  of 2+ characters renders him pointless for his cost in fact I can’t be bothered to go on, clearly very little thought has been put into the faq at all I fear a deluge of vendetta/hydra armies with 2+ save allied characters and termies is probably on the cards. frankly it’s dogshit and I have lost the will to do anything with my army, I have no enthusiasm to even start trying to play 6th

I was really hoping alot of my questions about the book would be answered by 6th/faq but tbh I am more confused than ever… 6th was make it or break it for me and I think I’m done with it, I’ll prob finish my DE collection and simply display it, I’m not wasting time trying to play a game I wont enjoy playing, If I cant play with DE I wont enjoy it, another army is not an option allies as a crutch just leaves a sour taste in my mouth I had been using seers and dragons as a crutch for my eldar for most of 5th , having to use that same crutch on what is essentially a new army is BS, sure I would do it in casual games for a laugh so I can mix my collections sometimes but I wanted a DE army not Rainbow Crutchdar.

Guess my hobby budgets going on bike stuff now…

I’m not sure this post really conveys to you all just how angry, disappointed, sad and confused this all makes me. I have put alot of love into my DE and was hoping 6th would give me the kick I needed to finish painting everything and actually enjoy games again.

I think other than continuing to do comission paintwork I might just get out of the mini wargaming hobby .

On the plus side I forsee potential for a cracking new youtube Hitler rant , hopefully someone will do it or has done it already.

Rant off*