This was supposed to have been posted last week, but rather than publish it went to drafts for some reason …. been busy with new job so had forgotten to check on it.

Anyway , army has been sold, It’s gone and I’m outta the gaming side of the hobby. I simply don’t have it in me to want to pay/paint another Eldar (any?) army, the bent-ness of nightwings (still not as bent as detta’s) being fairly tempting…

Signing off the eternal Imperial wank fest for good, though painting shall continue as will sporadic post on here to show the work, currently have a custom Spacewolves Contemptor comission in the pipe.

PS. I intend to do a series of painted primarchs as FW releases them so watch this space, I’ll do one of each that they release and one only and they will probably be up for sale.