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Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. At least for Germany (where this was taken from, hence the translation), Grey Knights will be available for preview on the 25th. Rumors have it that on the 9th of March, Games Workshop stores will be receiving the black box, which feels a bit early for this. Perhaps it is just on-time, I'm sure others know more than I. So mark up your calendars, and be sure to scour the codex for every detail before it is officially released. A bit more after the break...
While these models will be in stores the 25th, I have a feeling pre-orders might be a bit before then. Perhaps even a week. So expect some new shopping options and previews by the 18th.

Also: Original text, for those who care. Have at it at the comments!

25. März: Grey Knights im Fokus!

Am Abend des 25. März hast du in allen Hobbyzentren die Möglichkeit, in Ruhe den neuen Codex: Grey Knights zu inspizieren und natürlich die neuen Modelle im Einsatz zu erleben.

Komm vorbei und überzeuge dich selbst von der Macht dieses außergewöhnlichen Ordens!