Game One of Sunday's Tournament.

Here's the lists:

HQ:Asdrubael Vect, 240

Haemunculi with Crucible of Malediction, 70


4x Trueborn with Blasters, 108
venom with additional splinter cannon, 65

5x Incubi, 110

Raider with Flickerfield and Disintegrator, 70.

TROOPS:2x Units of 10 Warriors Each, blaster and splinter cannon, on raiders, with Dark Lances and Flickrfields, splinter racks and shock prows 400

15x Kabalite Warriors, with one dark lance 

10x Wyches,Hekatrix, 110
Raider with disintergrator, flickerfield,70


6x Reavers, two Heat Lances. 156 Points 

3x Reavers, Heat Lance, 78


Ravager, flickerfield, shock prow,120

Ravager, flickrfield, shock prow,120
Ravager, flickerfield, shock prow, Dissies, 120

Going up against the Emperor's Finest, lead by Dale, all the way from New Orleans,


Space Marine Librarian with Terminator Armor, Null Zone and Gate of Infinity, 140

Terminator Assault Squad (10 TEN!) goddamn Terminators, 2x Lightning Claws, 7x Thunder Hammers: 400

Sternguard Veteran Squad, 10 Marines, Combi-Flamer, Combi-Meltagun (4x), Combi-Plasmagun(3x), Meltagun, Sergeant has Melta-bombs, 1x Lightning Claw,, all in a Drop-Pod, 355


Tactical Squad (10), Meltagun, Lascannon, Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist, all in a Rhino (smokelaunchers): 255

Tactical Squad (10), Meltagun, Lascannon, Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist, all in a Rhino (smokelaunchers): 255

Tactical Squad (10), Meltagun, Lascannon, Sergeant with Combi-Flamer and Power Fist,, Razorback with Las/Plas, 295


Devastator Squad (5), 4x Missile Launchers, Sergeant with Signum, 150

Devastator Squad (5), 4x Missile Launchers, Sergeant with Signum, 150

Deployment (Dawn of War)
See all those Devastators in the back? So did my Raiders.

5 Objectives

Turn One (SM):

The Terminator squad behind the archway lumber forward, while a Drop Pod packed with Sternguard drops on the large red rock on the far right. The Marines inside are combat squaded, and their combined fire power
drops my Dissintergrator Cannon Raider and kills two Reavers.. A Las-beam from the back field Devastator squad stuns the Wych's Raider.

Turn One (DE):
At this point, after cursing Vect for not getting me first turn, I fly the larger squad of reavers across the board and killed a Devastator marine with Bladevanes. The Trueborn fly over into range of the Terminator Deathstar and blow one away with blaster fire.  The far left Warrior squad Flat Outs! up left field, while the 15 Kabalite blob squad moves to take an objective. I completely forgot about my third squad of Kabalite warriors so they just sit there. Wyches assault Sternguard Vets, killing two and takking two casualtis in the process. Vect and his Incubi bodyguard hop out of their Raider, only to fall just short of assault range, and they are now out in the open.
The template is actually a Drop Pod.
Turn Two (SM)
The Far right Devastator squad moves into Assault range of the green Reaver Squad (I should probably name some of these units) The Terminator/Librarian death star moves forward some more, and combined fire from the Las/Plas Razorback and the not assaulting Devastator squad knocks out the raider on left field and a ravager. Vect's Raider is also stunned, and the middle field raider is blown up (By bolter fire) , killing 3 Warriors.The Wyche's raider is stunned. again. A Rhino pulls up next to my Trueborn, and a barrage if bolter fire takes them out. A second Rhino moves down field and pops smoke, its passengers disembarking.

 The Wyches, still in combat, get charged by the other Sternguard combat squad,though neither side inflicts a casualties. Vect and his Incubi get charged. Vect personally kills two Terminators, while his bodyguard are wiped out to a man., causing him to flee.  The Devastators engage the Green Reavers, tying combat

Turn Two (DE)

Two Squads of Warriors open fire on the Terminators, killing one under a sustained barrage of fire, I run the now foot based left-field Warriors into cover behind and building, and open fire on a Razorback with my last remaining Ravager (to no avail). The Wyches kill two more sternguard, but remain in the combat. Vect keeps on running,  Reavers flee from combat after losing to the Devastators.

Turn Three (SM)
The Terminators wreck the ever loving shit out of the now weakened Middlefield Warriors, and consilidate enough to surround Vect.  A combat squad of Marines bring down the venom, and the last of the Raiders/Ravagers/Reavers are blown up for good under the weight of fire of two Devastator squads and the remaining Marines. The Rhino that poped smoke picks up its passengers and they head down field toward the 15 man kabalite squad. The Wyches lose combat and are overrun.
 Turn Three (DE)
With nothing else to do, the left field warriors charge a squad of (5)marines, tying combat. Vect is Trapped! and therefore killed. The 15 warrior blob squad kills a Terminator with sustained poisoned shooting, but with my mobility crippled and only two units left on table there isn't much I can do.

The die marks the spot where Vect was turned to paste

Turn 4(SM)
A squad of marines moves in to assault the Blob squad, and six kabalites are killed, but they remain in combat. The Terminators fail to charge this turn (difficult terrain). Remaining Squads move in to capture objectives. The game is basically over here.

I played in a very sloppy manner this game, and lost pretty badly. After my mobility was crippled there wasn't much I could do, and the sheer volume of fire power was insane. Losing a ravager and having a vehicle stunned so quickly just compounded the problem. Being outnumbered and out gunned didn't help, though I think I could have handle the Devastators better (should have thrown the reavers at them as soon as possible.

It was a poor start to the tourney, but I did come in 7 out of 21, so things turned for the better following this game. More bat reps up in a few days.