Just got my first Finecast models in the mail today, a squad of Incubi,and I have to say, they are frakking kick ass. No irregularities other than minimal flash. Mold lines are almost non existent on them. I don't know if I got lucky, but I am now inclined to believe that all the bile spewing forth from the internet is coming from a small vocal minority, as these guys are a marked improvement over metal.

The resin is very light and quite flexible, its not as brittle as other resins I used. Its also very light, much lighter than an equivalent size model in plastic. Just to be safe I did wash them. There didn't seem to be any residue but its always better to be safe. Apparently, this stuff is also non toxic. As I don't normally go out of my way to inhale resin dust, I can't comment.

Upon close examination, the models are much crisper than their metal equivalents, participially the armor platting. There isn't that slight melding that you used to get with the metals.

Overall, I am very impressed with these guys,  fine work on GW's part.