Sometimes you have a great idea for a unit or armies concept, but as you scour the codex you can’t find options that fit your grand ideas.  If only there were some rules like there were in “murder-squad” that allowed you to bend the rules some.  Here’s my ideas on that matter

The Primary rules of Murder Squad:

1.        The rules of Murder Squad aren’t meant to replace allies.  If you can do it with allies, it will be cheaper.

2.       Everything has a price.  Most things include a price in extra points, some the price is reduced options.

3.       Everything presented is subject to your opponents consent.  And if they say no, you can decide not to play them.

4.       Anyone refers to all non-unique entries in a codex.


The Simple rules of Murder Squad.

1.       (Free) I like to be able to move.  Anyone can wear less armor.  Therefore you could have a space marine captain wear scout armor.  This is free. Anyone who drops a point in armor save also loses a point in invulnerable save, as whatever gave them that save must be made smaller.  Also, they lose the ability for any additions on their new or old armor, no jump packs, bikes, jetbikes, discs, mounts, chariots etc.  But anyone who wears a lesser armor is counted as that new size for embarking on vehicles, such chimeras, wave serpents and Land Speeder Storms.

2.       (5/10) We’re just sharing a ride.  Sometimes forces lack enough transport to get everyone to the battlefield in their own vehicles.  For 5 points, two units can be attached so that they count as one unit for the purpose of embarkation on a transport only.  If one of the units is HQ unit the cost is 10 points.  The attachment ends at disembarkation, and the units must move away from each other.  One of the units may remain on the transport, but the unit that disembarked may never re-embark on the vehicle, as they were just catching a ride.

3.       (5/10)We’ll need two taxis.  Sometimes the unit size exceeds the size of the transport vehicle.  To split a unit amongst two non-dedicated transports is only 5 points, but the transports must remain in coherency as if they were a squadron.  Upon disembarkation, the unit must regain coherency.  To buy a second dedicated transport to fit the squad, for instance a second razorback for a large Grey Hunter squad would be 10 points.  Sometimes it might be easier to take smaller squads instead of using this rule.

4.       (5/15) You can always fit one more.  Transports are notorious for the space wasting accessories installed in them, like seats.  To squeeze in one additional model costs 5 points.  To fit two extra models in costs 15 points.  (This is also the cost for borrowing a vehicle from another codex. Space Wolves and drop pods, I’m looking at you!)
More rules are coming, and you comments are appreciated.