Joel from PaintMyBits has another Tutorial for you all. This time he will be going over the use of oils to give a realistic finish to your vehicles.

Read more to find out how he does this.

Today we shall be going over the process needed to give tanks the "been out in the rain" look.

First up you need one STC fresh tank with a coat of varnish applied to seal it (this is quite important or you will strip your paint job). Then some buff oil paint and some turps or similar product.

Now take an old brush and put dots of the oil paint all over the tank.

Take a large flat brush and put some turps on it and pull the paint towards the ground or in direction of airflow when vehicle is moving forwards.

When the turps is wet the final result may not be that obvious so keep an eye on it. If the effect is too strong just re apply brush work again until it is just to your liking.

Et voila

Remember to seal the model with varnish before applying any further weathering.

I am bookmarking these tutorials for my own use! Let us know what you would like Joel to cover in his next  tutorial.