Top ITC Tournament Lists October 2016

by | Nov 30, 2016

Blood of Kittens attempts to provide continued coverage of ITC events, in a post showcasing the top army lists from the largest events.

This particular post chronicles the large events for October 2016.

October was the busiest month for the ITC, as organizers tried to get events in before the Holidays shut down many players.

The first recorded event of October 2016 was the Rattler Cup GT in Phoenix, Arizona. This was a standard ITC 1850 point event.

  1. Thomas Oakey 1st Overall Rattler Cup GT
  2. James Carmona 2nd Overall Rattler Cup GT
  3. Vincent Arroyo  3rd Overall Rattler Cup – Chaos Space Marines

Over the same weekend was the Mugu Championships in Everett, Washington. This was a standard ITC 1850 point event.

  1. Mike Kriegler 1st Overall Mugu Championships
  2. Jessup Coffin 2nd Overall Mugu Championships
  3. Chancy Rickey 3rd Overall Mugu Championships

In addition, the first Major for the month was the Iron Halo in Bartlesville, Oaklahoma. This was a standard ITC 1850 point event.

  1. Matt Root 1st Overall Iron Halo GT
  2. Trent Northington 2nd Overall Iron Halo GT
  3. John Eubanks 3rd Overall Iron Halo GT

The second week of October saw one of the oldest events the Battle for Salvation in West Harrison, New York. This was a 1850 point Nova style event and was the send Major Event for the month.

  1. Matt Defranza 1st Overall Battle for Salvation
  2. Sean Nayden 2nd Overall Battle for Salvation
  3. Matt Schuchman 3rd Overall Battle for Salvation – Eldar

The same weekend takes all the way to the rock of Gibraltar and No Retreat 3, this was a restricted format 1750 point GT.

  1. Lawrence Baker 1st Overall No Retreat 3
  2. Chema Morilla 2nd Overall No Retreat 3
  3. Yannick Fuchs 3rd Overall No Retreat 3

Next was the No Mercy GT held in Sacramento, California. This was a 2000 point open format with everything allowed, but Unbound.

  1. Adam Gati 1st Overall No Mercy
  2. Paul Mckelvey 2nd Overall No Mercy
  3. Ben Vaughan 3rd Overall No Mercy

The third weekend of October had another large event with the Dragon-Fall in St. Charles, Illinois. This was a standard 1850 point ITC event.

  1. Tony Grippando 1st Overall Dragon-Fall
  2. Fred Fortman 2nd Overall Dragon-Fall – Imperial Knights
  3. Tyler Devries 3rd Overall Dragon-Fall

The 4th weekend of October got us started off with the Harvester of Souls in Spokane, Washington. This was a standard 1850 point ITC event with themed missions.

  1. Tyler Larson 1st Overall Harvester of Souls
  2. Paul Mckelvey 2nd Overall Harvester of Souls
  3. Todd Johansson 3rd Overall Harvester of Souls

The same weekend saw the unique Puget Sound Pocket GT in Seattle, Washington. This event had 1000 point ITC by far the smallest point event to date.

  1. Chancy Rickey 1st Overall Pocket Puget Sound GT
  2. Oseas Aduna 2nd Overall Pocket Puget Sound GT – Orks
  3. Derek Erlenbush 3rd Overall Pocket Puget Sound GT

Finally, we had a third Major Event with Edmonton Onslaught in Edmonton, Canada. This was a standard ITC 1850 point event.

  1. Arthur Oliver 1st Overall Edmonton Onslaught
  2. Wesley Pauley 2nd overall Edmonton Onslaught
  3. Iain Mcleod 3rd Overall Edmonton Onslaught

Well that was the jammed packed month of October! Amazingly, Eldar only made it four in Top 3 placings in October. We even got some random armies like Dark Eldar, Tyranids, and Blood Angels winning! We also saw a few Genestealer Cults lists make an entrance, it is early, but maybe we have a new powerhouse on our hands.

Below is the current breakdown of what armies are winning events. The list combines all the top events for the year so far, taking only the top three winners from Major or GT events.

  • 31 Eldar
  • 18 Daemon
  • 12 Space Marine
  • 8 Chaos Space Marines
  • 7 Tau
  • 7 Dark Angels
  • 6 Ad-Mech
  • 4 Imperial Knight
  • 3 Space Wolves
  • 2 Tyranid
  • 2 Dark Eldar
  • 2 Genestealer Cults
  • 2 Astra Militarum
  • 1 Harlequin
  • 1 Grey Knight
  • 1 Necron
  • 1 Blood Angel
  • 1 Ork

If you want to see more lists separated by army/codex you can always check out the 7th Edition Top Army List Compendium.

See you again here next month as we get a more events added for ITC 2016 season from the month of November!

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