What were the Results of the First 8th Edition GT?

by | Jun 26, 2017

Army lists are what competitive Warhammer 40k players crave. It only took one week since the release of Warhammer 40,000 8th edition for the results to come rolling in. Players have already played in small 8th edition tournaments around the world, but in the little city of Boise we had our very first (that I know of) GT.

The Boise Cup GT had 38 players showcasing a host of different armies, with only one duplicate faction in the Top 10. The results also saw a few familiar ITC faces on top, showing us so far that skill does travel through editions.

As for the top 3 lists here they are.

  1. Tim Travers 1st Overall Boise Cup GT 2017
  2. Jeremy Veysseire 2nd Overall Boise Cup GT 2017
  3. Thomas Hegstrom Oakey 3rd Overall Boise Cup GT 2017

Here are a few things these lists can tell us.

  • Flyers are very powerful by combining speed, damage output, and survivability.
  • Harlequins good invulnerable saves make them durable, layer on top the Ynnari and you got a deadly combination.
  • Roboute Guilliman is a force multiplier beast giving Space Marines the edge in many contests.

Remember while it is fun to speculate on what these lists mean for the meta, we are very very early, and now we have to deal with Forge World units being added to the mix. Don’t expect things to settle down either, as Death Guard & Primaris units and codexes are coming right around the corner.

Next week Blood of Kittens will return to its regular broadcasting schedule, until then keep 8th hype rolling!

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