I want to let everyone know that I am going on vacation for about ten days. I do not know if I will have time to make any posts. Not to worry, I have been able to get a very special guest contributor to my blog.

Many of you know him for his creation of the Noise Marines and being a perennial Imperium most wanted. To me he is simply my plastic surgeon, but you might know him as Fabius Bile. He has secured a very special data stream to report directly from anywhere in the Galaxy. Without going into too much detail, Fabius will be reporting from the battlefronts of various planets while I am gone. Fabius job for Bloodofkittens is to give us a first hand account of the battles, so you the reader can feel like you are right on the frontlines.

At least that is my hope, Fabius can from time get distracted, which has made for some funny stories at the expense of my physical appearance. Still Fabius is a great guy and I hope you enjoy his particular point of view.