Welcome everyone, as your embedded war corespondent Fabius Bile, here to report the truth as it is presented: dirty syringe and all. I have been able to wiggle my way into an Adeptus Astartes chapter under the direction of Forge Master Darius. Darius and his company are from the Iron Hands chapter, it is a chapter that has some very special needs.

There distaste for their own flesh has worked to my advantage and the love of the Adeptus Mechanicus made for an easy disguise. As for the missions I will be reporting, from what I can gather the Iron Hands are going to use a rare warp window to make precision strikes against enemies of the False God. I plan to report the events as they unfold. I am currently waiting for safe passage to my rondevu with the Iron Hands unnamed Battle Cruiser before they plan their first attack. I will use this data stream to send not just my writings, but also images in hopes to better stimulate your senses.

Day 1

Usually my servants handle any travel arrangements that are necessary for me to reach my destinations. In this case, I was forced to take local planetary travel services in order to keep up appearances for my new friends among the Iron Hands. I started my journey on a typical pedestrian world of the Imperium, with an Imperial overseer maintaining a certain level of technological superiority over his subjects in order keep control. So such is my situation that I must travel on a simple aircraft in to reach  a high atmosphere planetary station.

Much to my revulsion the transit aircraft had me traveling with the average filth of the world. Still I looked for what one of the natives called the silver lining. Knowing that I might be forced to travel in such circumstances, I had the air changed for the cabin of the aircraft. All it took was the screaming of a young infant for me pull the trigger. As the gas streamed in, this particular neurotoxin starts with closing the airways of its targets, then proceeds to create a leathery flesh over the mouth. As is typical with most of my enhancements it starts with the youngest of any given population. To my delight the crying child was first to feel its effects. As the lovely chorus of screams and wails began I could not help myself,  humming at the whole spectacle. The flight crew (being all servitors) had different results from my toxin. Their data nodes were erased and replaced with preprogrammed commands I had set up before hand. Soon after the passengers were silenced the second effect of my gift was taking place. Their intestines soon began to expand causing the belly to become bloated and stretched. Much to my glee one of the passengers was pregnant with child, it is always a joyous occasion for scientist to have unexpected variables show up in an experiment. So when the woman’s belly exploded, I stood up and clapped at her performance.

As for the rest of the passengers, little did they know that their plump selves were producing more of the toxin as they rolled in agony. As I looked out the window I could see we were fast approaching the station. The planetary forces stationed were not going pleased with such a contagion on board the craft. Luckily for them my intention was never to infect the station with such a delightful gift. My target had always been the planet. The over-sized bellies of my patients created a large amount of helium allowing them to float gently down to the surface of the planet. It was then I opened one of the emergency hatches, you could see the joy on each of their faces, as they were sucked out into the planet’s atmosphere to descend on the population below. I will have to review the outcome of my little experiment later. I had more pressing business with rewriting the ships manifest and changing some more servitor protocols.

Here are a few images from the first leg of my journey.


The lazy nature of this planet has allowed for ridiculous conveniences, like moving floors to ferry they’ re many personal belongings.


This is me having to deal with a laboratory assistant informing me that one of his servo arms was trying to choke him.


What is this Internet they speak of?


The only purpose for the display screen behind, seems to me, is give false hope to the people that they will leave this place at their predetermined times.


I over heard someone use the word flying deathtrap, I was curious where on the planet I acquire such a device.