Episode: 2

After arriving at the station, I received a coded message from Darius that his cruiser was going to be late, having to navigate around a small warp storm. I was filled with disappointment at the thought of being stuck on a space station for a lengthy period of time. I remembered one of the smaller planets in the system was having a symposium on bio-cybernetic technology. Still I really did not want to go alone to some drab planet. Then, I remembered

that my old friend Typhus was just a sector away, having culled and infected a monastery world of the Imperium. I had only one reservation, Typhus is quite the chatter box, I decided anything was going to be better than starting out into space. Once I contacted Typhus, he was thrilled to get away from his duties and come with me to the symposium.

Typhus an avid tourist, is always good for sightseeing and pandemics. So when I arrived at the planet, Typhus was already there with digital map in hand and dressed in silly local garb. I was not sure how long it was going to take for his skin to eat through the clothes, I could see the gnats and flies were already buzzing. Typhus first dragged me to local famous tower that overlooked a city.


It was interesting to think the lake was going to be boiling in a few hours.


Never let Typhus borrow your digital imaging servitor, you will never get it back.

P9030069The aquatic vessel never made it to its destination…


For some reason Typhus forced me to display this image, he would not stop laughing.

After that Typhus took me to museum where the inhabitant’s worship the oddest of idols.


The God of Over-saturated Commercialism


The God of the Gozerians


The God of Small Candy Coated Treats.


The God of Too Much Time on Your Hands

It was at this point I started to think of ways I could get out from under Typhus grasp. Before I could bring up any objections, Typhus has us teleported to another city to check out a fascinating zoological preserve.


Typhus pushed me into the pen of these creatures only too chuckle and say: “Where in the world is…”


This is a good sample of the vast silicon based creatures this planet has to offer. The adaptive nature of these creatures call for further study.


This is the base of a large silicone creature that Typhus claimed he was able to communicate with.


This was right before Typhus various infections started to decay the glass protecting the creatures.

By this point I was getting tired of being dragged around. It was then I put my foot down and told Typhus that we should get to the symposium. The look on his puss ridden face almost broke my second heart. I told him that before we leave the planet he could infect the people of this city with Nurgle Rot. Thankfully this made him feel better and we were suddenly off to the symposium.

The symposium was being held in a strange nipple building which me and Typhus agree had Slaanesh written all over it


Once inside we were greeted to more evidence that the God of Excess had made its way here…


Being rushed for time I decided head to the recording chamber to download all the information I wanted from the event. The large data screen was music to my brain as I took and erased all the data collected.


Before we left, Typhus wandered off to find more evidence of Slaanesh so he could leave Nurgle’s Mark all over it, which typically revolves around bile and feces. Instead, he came across large works of art that just had to show me.



All this ended up proving was that the people of this planet were more hopelessly lost than we first thought and it was obvious that only the Imperium could have caused such artistic expression.

By this time planetary security forces were on to our presence or more likely Typhus’s aroma. I had to convince Typhus to leave only just a small pestilence and be done with it. It is amazing how much you can get done in one day.