Typically I am not one to either talk about myself (you may of noticed) I prefer to talk about other people. The main reason for this is that other sites and blogs do a much better job talking about themselves then I do. Another reason is when it comes to the more hobby aspects of the game (like painting) I am not as devoted. The most pleasure I get from painting comes from how fast I can finish a project in the fewest steps possible and still look good. So I sat there staring at my Adepticon Orks before me I began to wonder just how fast can I spit these babies out?

The list of models I needed to paint was fairly low– for a 1000 point Ork army.

6 Killer Kans

1 Deff Dred

1 Battlewagon

1 KFF Big Mek

The only problem with these models is they included the two things I hate most about painting: painting vehicles and character models. I am one of those rare guys that actually likes painting hoards of basic troopers– I think it has something to do with the mindless zombie state I enter. Another thing I like to do when I am about to start painting is consider what the TV will be playing in the background.  Lord of the Rings was for my Dark Eldar. Die Hard for my Nids. For the Orks I had to paint in multiple places so a trilogy was out of the question. Thankfully the movie Red with Bruce Willis just came out and I set to watching it as I painted these models furiously.

I am also big on deadlines, so I used the impending local tourney DunDraCon as an excuse to get at least the Kans and Dread done. So with two weeks before DunDraCon I was confident I could complete such an “easy” task. All told I had maybe  12 hours of time; between blogging, work, and life something had to give in order to get this job done. So those 12 hours came from my 40k game time, which meant tourney prep was bye-bye.

So what is my paint plan of attack? It is all about keeping it simple and cheating with washes.

  1. Prime Black
  2. Tin Bitz base coat
  3. Wash Badab Black over Tin Bitz
  4. Foundation Iyanden Yellow
  5. Boltgun Metal for pipes and tubes
  6. Wash Devlin Mud over Yellow and Metal
  7. Various Rust Pigments for feet and details “drybrushing”
  8. Highlight Colors of various types.
  9. Finally simple gravel basing with grass on top

This quick and dirty technique allows for minimal effort and ease of speed. Here are pictures showing the progression…


So there you have it. Simple easy and looks table top ready. So how did it fare at DunDraCon the next day? First off DunDraCon is a general nerd convention with a  32 player 1850 three game tourney included. I decided I want wanted to field what was painted and since I hadn’t played a real 40k game in two weeks I would go with a fun list. Here is what it looked like…

DunDraCon 2011 Orks

As you can see no KFF, no basic nobz, no lootaz. How could a Ork player ever win with such a list? Well I ended up winning my first two games against a Seer Council and a Vulcan list. The final game was against Space Wolves and if Zogwart hadn’t teleported him and his 30 boyz away I would have at least tied or maybe pulled that one out. In the end I placed 8th not too shabby for never playing this Ork list. Here is a collection of pictures I took at DunDraCon for everyone to see…

Finally, a reminder for the Adepticon Display board contest. I already got a some good stuff, but I need more! Remember the deadline is March 15th! Here is a link for the rules https://bloodofkittens.com/blog/2011/02/16/network-news-adepticon-art-projects-and-prizes/

Here is one of my favorites so far.