Over the last few months many have noticed rumors surrounding GW releases have been to reduced to a slow drip, instead now get the ludicrous rumors and speculation. At BoK we often hold on to many rumors that sound too implausible in the hopes of scrying the world for verification, this has led us to keep one particular Necron rumor sealed because of possible game breaking power. With the new Necrons seemly a few weeks (because one manager of a random GW store couldn’t be talking out of his ass)  from rebirth I think it is time to let this one out of carbonite. It needs notation that this rumor comes in two versions that could end up conflicting with one another, so here is both so the Internet can decide.

Ok, babbling over on to the rumor…

Rumor has it that a new Necron shooting attack can cause large swaths of your opponent’s army to die in a new interesting way. How it works is simple…

  1. Necron Shoots Unit
  2. Necron Hits Unit
  3. Necron player allocates where the wound will be (how this is worded I have no idea)
  4. All identical models to the one just shot are now hit
  5. Roll to wound all models that are identical
  6. Make armor saves were applicable

Here is an example. I shoot Necron weapon at a squad of Long Fangs. I hit and chose my wound to be rolled on a Missile Launcher Long Fang. All Missile Launcher Long Fangs IN THE ENTIRE ARMY are now hit. Now think take this a step further. What if I shoot a Ork Boy?

Here is the other way this weapon could work.

  1. Necron Shoots Unit
  2. Necron Hits Unit
  3. Even though I only hit once I roll to wound every model in that unit.
  4. Opponent makes armor saves where applicable

Now this doesn’t sound as scary as the first example, but it is basically GK Cleansing Fire power for Necrons. This version also fits in with chatter about multiple weapons that deal with horde armies.

Enter highly speculative realm that shouldn’t be taken as facts.

My fear though is that both these rumors are true. Here is a way it could potential work. One type of Necron gets the lesser version of the weapon, another Necron lets us say a Special Character gets the power to strike at all identical models army wide.  I have a feeling that either way this weapon will be short-range, one shot, low str, and no ap value otherwise we are looking at some game breaking territory.

At least one of these rumors is correct which one though…

Here is another rumormonger (Yakface from Dakkadakka) take on rule which could very well be true…

Okay, a much more full description of the rule is like this:

This rule applies ONLY to the units the special Necron character is engaged with (it doesn’t affect every model in the enemy army of the same type).

It happens after the Necron character has killed someone in combat and after all blows have been struck on both sides.

Roll a D6 for every type of model (friend or enemy) that the special character killed that turn. On a 4+ all other models in combat of that type take a wound (armor/inv saves can be taken as normal).

Example: If the Necron character kills an Ork Slugga boy in close combat and got the 4+ roll, all other Slugga boyz in the same combat would take a wound, but NOT the nob (as he’s a different type of model). Any Shoota boyz, for example, in the same combat would be unaffected as well. If he killed a marine and got the roll, all other marines would take a wound, but not the vet sgt, etc.

It would seem that if this Necron was fighting against another Necron player, then he has the potential to hurt his own forces if the same type of units were facing off; if he was attached to a unit of warriors that was fighting against an enemy unit of warriors, for example.

Well there you have it folks we are in the stretch run.

If you are curious on what models will be getting a plastic rework or Finecast love just follow the link and look at what cannot add to the cart…

Necron Soon to be New Releases

Here is where you can find all the old BoK rumors for Necrons.






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Necron Rumor List 

Author : Mat Ward for the bulk of the codex, but two others were involved before him.

Release Schedule
Wave 1: Immortals, Tomb Spiders, Destroyers (parts are new), Necromancer (Rumoured MC?)
Wave 2: Wraiths, Repackaged Warriors (now 10 with extra coloured rods), whatever else.
6 new Vehicles in the army

Reanimation: – An updated variant of We’ll Be Back. Models with this rule who were killed last turn roll a d6 at the end of each phase, regardless of what caused the wound (thunder hammer, etc…); standing back up on a 5+. Res Orbs makes this a 4+ roll if within 6″.

Eternal Life: – for ICs, this grants a Reanimation roll after the model loses its last wound. If successful, the IC stands back up with 1 wound and, if within 1″of enemy models is placed in assault with them.

Living Metal: – Crew Shaken results are ignored on a 2+, Crew Stunned results are ignored on a 4+. All other current codex benefits are removed.

Gauss Weapons: – Armor penetration rolls of 6 auto-glance, to-wound rolls of 6 auto wound.

Many Psychic Powers listed as “Tech Upgrades”
Phase out is reworked
Complicated rules from the codex are getting simplified and a lot of the war gear options are vanishing

Some but not all gauss weapons are rending.
Living metal is changing
Necrons will have their magic power guy, tech upgrades instead of psychic powers most likely
Veil of Darkness: no longer allows a unit to be pulled out of combat, except in the case of the Veil carried by one of the named Lords
Quantum Shielding: Gives open topped skimmers 2+ save for front & side armour until vehicle takes it’s first glance/pen

Heat Ray: Melta or Flamer depending on which is needed.
Gauss: Glance on to hit rolls of 6
Gauss Cannon: Assault 2 S6 AP3.
Gauss Flux Arc: Each Arc fires separately and can hit four different targets.
Tesla: Causes 2 more hits on to hit rolls of 6
Tesla Heavy Cannon: Chance of hitting all other units close to the target; both friend and foe.
Doomsday Cannon: 72″ S9 AP1 Heavy1 Large Blast.

Named Lords
The Enfleshed – making Flayed Ones Troops Said to be 100% confirmed
The Undying – making Immortals Troops
The Silent King ?
The Voidbringer ?
The Stormcaller ?

C’tan are gone, and are replaced with powerful named Necron lords and special characters.
One of the Lords makes Immortals troops
Another Special Character has some really nice anti psyker abilities
While the Ctan are themselves out of the codex their influence is still in place.
One of the lords was like 240 points or somewhere around there. He looks like he has potential to be beastly in CC though.
A lord that makes flayed ones troops

Similar to Haemonculi?
Can take Veil of Darkness

Overhaul into Lord retinue (second wave)

Cost: 12pts
Statline: 4/4/4/4/1/2/1/10/4+
Will come 10 to a box
New options and also other colors of rod (orange and red I think? Orange is not bright orange, but sort of dark, kinda like a beer color almost)
Warriors are not changing, but doesn’t preclude a new weapon/option sprue.
Otherwise look the same.

Cost: 17pts
Statline: 4/4/4/4/1/2/1/10/3+
Redone, in plastic? Unsure of the material.
Lots of “Bling”
Bigger than old ones
One of the Special Character ‘Cron lords makes them troops
Will come in boxes of 5, can be in units of up to 10.
Large (35mm) base; they are redesigned as larger, bulkier and more dynamic (plastic kit)

Elites, 6 Choices
Monstrous Creature
Can take 1 per Elite slot
Good in CC
Can purchase a bunch of different abilities: in line with things like messing with Deep Striking enemy units, making enemies move through terrain differently, allowing Necron player to change some of his deployment.
Can take item that erodes armour

Flayed Ones
Statline: 4/4/4/4/1/2/3/10/4+
Redone, unsure of the material.


Lyche Guard
S5 T5 3+
Can take Warscythe

New unit 2
Sniper style unit
Deep Strike as normal or can choose to immediately Deep Strike after the opponent brings an enemy unit on from Reserves
Can nominate a unit to take additional damage

New unit 3
S5 T5 3+
Jump Infantry
Very close range shooting and some decent CC ability

Fast Attack, 4 Choices
Rules: Fearless
Are “harsh” now
Jump Infantry 18″ charge

Scarab Swarms
Cost: 12pt
Rules: Fearless
Move like Beasts
Entropic Effect: Ability to erode enemy armour in CC, any non-vehicle unit they wound, but dont kill, has its armour save turned to a dash (i.e. nothing) for the rest of the game.
If they hit a vehicle, on 4+ the vehicle loses a point of armour value on ALL facings, if any facing is reduced to zero the vehicle is destroyed (not sure if for each reduce armour value or only once per unit per phase)

-See heavy for combined rumours

Tomb Blades (jetbikes)

This rumour might be for the Elite jump infantry?
New fast attack unit
Look kinda like flayed ones
They have an 18” charge with their special ability
Think jump infantry with special rules
5 per box

Heavy Support
Remain expensive

Destroyers/Heavy Destroyers
Redone in plastic.
Like the old hybrid kits, but in plastic with fancier torso’s.
The skimmer body things don’t look much changed.
Option for a lawn mower (lown mower as in a gun that has alot of shots, to mow throw hordes) type weapon too if you want to deal with hordes, 1 per box.

Tomb spider
Rules: Fearless
3 different builds
Will have several options and be able to fulfil a variety of roles in the army.
Spyders redone in plastic.
1 per box.

New MC/Vehicle
Can throw down some long range hurt but is still underwhelming compared to things like the Manticore 48” range
1 per box

Resurrection (the vehicle that can add models back into the unit is also able to use this ability on any unit = Ability for this unit?)
Gauss “something”
Plastic kit

Sky Barge/Chariot
Plastic kit
Fast Skimmer
Armor 11-11-10
Living metal
36″ move
two kinds of weapons
Strength 10 AP 1 12 inch range
Strenth 7 AP -, can hit multiple targets

New giant MC
Ranged or Melee options
Wraith Lord feel all around
One of the guns looks similar to the new gun the destroyer guys are getting which works well against hordes.
He has a lot of weapon options
1 per box.