So the experimenting with my Ork list continues. This time I dropped the Stormboyz and went with some copters to give me some pincer type of love. You will have to watch the report to find out how it went. Anyway finally I am free of Blood Angels get a fight against the Orks ancient nemesis the Imperial Guard

Take a look and tell me what you think.

This battle report should have better sound than the last because of the distinct lack of loud drunk bastards in the background.

Much love!


Their is only a few tickets left for the 40k Singles events. The Bay Area Open is going to have some serious heavy hitters with some BoLS folks making there way out. As well the best of the West Coast!

Bay Area Open is also one of the few events that you can qualify for the ETC. There are events for everyone: Fantasy, Narrative 40k, Warmachine, Flames of War so don’t feel that this is some douche WAAC brofest.  For more information about the Bay Area Open, including how to sign up just follow these links.

Bay Area Open Website Bay Area Open Discussion Thread