Even with the death of the GW sponsored Tournament Circuit it still doesn’t mean their isn’t a circuit going on right now!

Last weekend the Colonial GT occurred in Clark, New Jersey with some of the best East Coast 40k players attending. All in all the Colonial GT had about 35 players.

As for the Overall Winner it was Lucas Riabowol with Dark Eldar. I think he was the only player that ended up going 5-0 for the weekend as well. Here is a close approximation to what his list entailed…

Lucas Riabowol 1850 Dark Eldar

Lucas Dark Eldar looks like the typical Venom spam with one major difference, the inclusion of Lady Malys. I imagine she was there for psychic defense and redeploying.

As for the results well you use to see them, but now there is something wrong with the PDF file, I hope it will be fixed soon.


Here is some picture links.



As for coverage



Here are some batreps.



Then there is what looks to be the diffusing of potential internet drama from last years’ winner.


All in all looks like it was a great event with good terrain and good players.