I hope many of you have gotten your hands on the new Games Workshop paints by now, if not here is a little review of one of the toughest colors to paint.

When the paint color names were leaked about a month ago a few colors in particular were talked about more than others, Ceramite White Base Paint being one of them. Since painting white is one of the holy grails of speed painting many were wondering if the days of coat after coat of Skull White was finally over?

Now with the new paints out it is time to put them to the test. So with paint brush in one hand and miniature in another let us see if your very own White Scars army is in your grasp!

To start I also wanted to compare how the new white comes out over both white and black primers. Next, I wanted to choose a model with a large flat surface; interestingly Necron Destroyers ended up being the best candidate, with their beetle carapace bodies.

Now with the camcorder on the tripod lets see how the white turned out!

WARNING:  Audio is low so turn up speakers and I sound like “I saw putty cat” both for no apparent reason.


So as you can see the new white paints especially the new Ceramite White Base paint is pretty darn good. I hope this gives average painters hope when being confronted with white!