It is finally the finals of Adepticon 40k championships . The final 16 is set and it will be a battle to see if Grey Knights can be stopped. One army in particular has the hopes of a nation riding on it– that being Alex Fennell’s Necrons cruising in as the top seed. Here is a picture of Alex Army…


So let’s get ready to rumble by watching the top table here at…

Live broadcast by Ustream

So with round 1 closing. We have what’s looks like demons are out as well as dark angels and hopes for a Swedish domination. Paul Murphy was first to get down with his Grey knights moving on to the second round as well.

So we have these lists moving on to the next round.

Tony kopach (space wolves)
Paul Murphy (grey knights)
Nick n. (grey knights)
Alex flennell (necrons)
Doug (orks)
Dave Edward (grey knights)
Brad Chester (grey knights)

Second round pairings

Tony v. Nick
Dave v. Brad
Reece v. Paul
Doug v. Alex


Not looking good for either Doug or Reece.


Looks like Nick is on the verge of sending tony to the showers…

First victory goes to Brad chester grey knights over other grey knights.

Second victory goes to Alex over Doug so necrons move on.

Third goes to tony coming back from the dead and wins on tie breakers by a margin of 53 points.

On final table Reece loses to paul on turn 7, reece was winning on all other turns.

That leaves Alex and Tony as the only hope To stop grey knights from taking the event.

I tried to get interview with Paul Murphy but this is his quote, “I am in the zone so Must decline comment”

So final four battles are…

Brad (gk) vs. Alex (necrons)
Paul (gk) vs. tony (sw)

Paul Murphy grey knights just lost to tony’s wolves.

After a grueling battle necrons have lost to Greg knights.

It will be tony and brad in the finals…

And Brad won so it is Grey Knights so expect the Wave of gk love to continue!

Here is a link to the winning list for all that want it.

Brad Chester Adepticon 2012 Grey Knights

Will have the rest of the Top 16.