It’s Like Tactics: Deffkoptas Review

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It’s Like Tactics is rated theory hammer because these are general observations and assumptions based on only few tested games.

The Whirly Bird…

One of the craziest Games Workshop model concepts has to be the helicopter Ork. The Deffkopta has been with us for many years and with a little help from the 5th ed starter set became a mainstay for many Ork armies. Deffkoptas have been used in multiple, ways providing a unique set of abilities the rest of the Ork army lacks, making it a useful tool for many lists.

Before we start dissecting, lets take a quick look at the differences between the 2007 and 2014 Deffkoptas codex rules.

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Deffkoptas Rules 2007

FA: Deffkoptas – 35 Points



Deffkoptas Rules 2014

FA: Deffkoptas – 30 Points


1 Deffkopta
• Twin-linked big shoota
• Choppa
• ’Ere We Go!
• Furious Charge
• Hit & Run
• Mob Rule
• Scout
• May include up to four additional Deffkoptas…30 pts/model
• Any Deffkopta may replace their twin-linked big shoota with one of the following:
– Twin-linked rokkit launcha…free
– Kustom mega-blasta…free
• Any Deffkopta may be equipped with:
– Bigbomm 15 pts/model
– Buzzsaw 25 pts/model

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Readers of my previous tactics will notice a few changes to how these reviews are presented. Now you will find is a break down each unit into five broad categories.


The Deffkopta has a host of different tools making it useful. They are the only Ork unit that comes with Scout along with Hit & Run. They are also fast (Jetbikes) with a decent armour save. The best part if all these abilities can be used with an Independent Characters making Hit & Run plausible, along with Scout moves. Orks lack alternative deployments and the Deffkopta is a great way to make your opponent respond differently in their deployment.


Just like Stormboyz, I very few expected a point reduction for Deffkoptas, but there you have it. Even better the the cost reduction extends to weapon load-outs, so you won’t lose anything if you take something more than the Big-Shootas. As a two wound model you really see the bargain.


Deffkoptas are still as mobile as ever, and with Scout (Outflank) you can get them where you want them. As Jetbikes they can also fly over terrain features making them less risk prone than other units. Don’t forget Hit & Run is also a form of movement making great slingshots possible.


The Deffkopta is an Ard’ Boy with an extra wound, so don’t expect miracles with this unit when it comes to close combat. You can make them super spendy, by taking Buzzsaws, since Deffkoptas can’t get upgrade characters you won’t have to worry about a Buzzsaw getting challenged out. At worse you are looking a Ork with extra wounds for your Independent Characters.


Deffkoptas have a decent amount of shooting with the help of twin-linked. You can either bring a ton of S5 shooting or a modest amount of S8 shooting. Then you have the Bigbomm which is a sad story we can get into later. There are different reasons to take whatever weapons you want, the safest bet though is more shots as 6th-7th has proven more shots means better.

Deffkoptas have been used in multiple, ways providing a unique set of abilities the rest of the Ork army lacks, making it a useful tool for many lists.


Deffkopta Big Toys

Bigbomm – 15 pts

The Bigbomm is a waste of words on the paper printed. Let me get this straight, I pay 15 points for a S4 AP5 one use item that only works doing the movement phase and prevents me from shooting my regular weapon in the following phase, not to mention I cannot move Flat Out? As a one use item with so many restrictions it just doesn’t make sense, if it was higher strength and say Ignored Cover you would have something. It should cost nothing and just come stock with model, since you forgo the shooting phase after it is dropped. Besides, I don’t even think any Deffkopta models old or new have the Bomb bit anyway.

Buzzsaw – 25 pts

The Buzzsaw is a expensive weapon, but one with a tad more utility than the Bigbomm. Buzzsaw drawback comes not from its own stats, but the stats of the Ork Boyz using it. You get 2 attacks with this thing and the best Strength you can hope for is 7 on the charge, you just cannot rely on it. The Buzzsaw is a great as a support weapon to a unit already including other characters with more damaging attacks. Buzzsaw Deffkopters also cannot get challenged out, making the Buzzsaw sneaky S6 AP2 attacks. If Deffkoptas had larger unit sizes you could see investing in multiple Buzzsaws, but for most situations you are best off with taking just one.

Putting it all Together…

The Deffkopta filled a great niche in times long past, as single objective grabbers and vehicle destroyers. You would often see single Deffkopta flying around causing havoc everywhere. Today with the rise of mass shooting this method is less effective. In Maelstrom missions it is still a useful tactic for gaining victory points, but if you are playing standard missions you better take more than one Deffkopta. This biggest drawback for Deffkopta isn’t its abilities, but the unit size restrictions. This unit would be amazingly effective if you could take 10 of them especially at 30 points each! As it is you can only take five forcing a Morale check once you lose two Deffkoptas, which means without a Character your Deffkopta are just going to fall back if you fail. Relying on LD7 restricts your unit size to either 1 Deffkopta or 5 Deffkoptas, because anything in between guarantees a morale check any time you lose a model.

If you run the unit with Independent Characters, you can play with unit size depending on need and available points. This is where Deffkoptas really shine, hey offer cheap multi-wound models with a decent armour save and shooting ability. If you don’t want to invest the points in Nob Bikers this is the unit for you. Don’t underestimate Hit & Run when you get a character attached like a Warboss. While they don’t pack the quite the punch as Warbikers or Nob Bikers Deffkopta really provide tactical flexibility like no other. At full unit size, they are also a great shooting platform with 15 S5 shots. If you want to go the Rokkit route they also provide some anti-air or at the very least forcing your opponent to jink whatever they shoot at.

Just understanding the paper tiger nature of Deffkoptas will able you to play them accordingly, be it character delivery or harasser unit. They shouldn’t be a focal point, but a unit working in synergy with the rest of your army.

— DeffKoptas Army Templates–

DeffKoptas Allied Detachment List

DeffKoptas Combined Arms Detachment List

DeffKoptas Great Waaagh! Detachment List

DeffKoptas Ork Horde Detachment List


DeffKoptas do not have any dedicated Formations.


Ork Horde Detachment: In low point games Deffkoptas really do wonders with this detachment, as you splurge on characters give them a Deffkopta escort. In large point games Deffkoptas can go back to their traditional role running around the backfield of your opponent while distracting or flying under the radar.

Great Waaagh! Detachment: This Detchament doesn’t make much use of the Fast Attach slot, but is a great basis for a shooty Ork lists, so the Deffkopta has a role. Deployment manipulation goes right in with this Detachment’s Deep Striking tricks. If your list is about mass shooting, probably best to take Rokkits as they can tick off that last hull point of an enemy vehicle.

Final Thoughts…

Overall, Deffkoptas are still a great little unit, they are only held back by unit size and expensive or pointless upgrades. If you look across the Ork Codex you won’t find many multi-wound units and to have one this cheap and effective shouldn’t be discounted. So, if you have a stockpile of Black Reach Deffkoptas don’t hesitate to break them out and give em a whirl.

For tactical articles feel free to email me to continue the discussion or if you discover an inaccurate interpretations of the rules– edits will be made accordingly. Also check out other articles in this series…


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