It’s Like Tactics: Flash Gitz Review

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It’s Like Tactics is rated theory hammer because these are general observations and assumptions based on only few tested games.

You’re so Fancy…

Flash Gitz have always been a mainstay in the realm of Warhammer 40k Ork fluff, but putting them to practical use on the battlefield has been a consistent problem. The idea of Ork Space Pirates is appealing, but these rogue Boyz always need some help. GW just never seemed to know how properly impliment this unit, finally settling on something workable with the latest edition.

Before we start dissecting though, let’s take a quick look at the past and present Flash Gitz rules.

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Flash Gitz Rules 2007

Heavy Support: Flash Gitz – 125 Points



Flash Gitz Rules 2014

Heavy Support: Flash Gitz – 110 Points


UNIT TYPE: Infantry. Kaptin is Infantry (Character). UNIT COMPOSITION: 4 Flash Gitz 1 Kaptin WARGEAR: • Snazzgun • Stikkbombs • Bosspole • Gitfinda SPECIAL RULES: • ’Ere We Go! • Furious Charge • Mob Rule OPTIONS: • May include up to five additional Flash Gitz…22 pts/model • Any model may take an ammo runt…3 pts/model • The unit may select a Trukk or Battlewagon as a Dedicated Transport.

Readers of my previous tactics will notice a few changes to how these reviews are presented. Now you will find is a break down each unit into five broad categories.

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The main component to Flash Gitz utility is the cost to damage ratio, in the past it was abysmal, but with a few tweaks things have gotten a lot better. As Nobz Flash Gitz can take some punishment without folding giving them enough time to unleash there Snazzguns against almost any unit. Flash Gitz are not going to bring any new tactical flare, but as a unit who can threaten almost any opposing unit it is worth considering.


Flash Gitz move like normal Orks. They get the bonus of having access to not just Trukks, but Battlewagons as well, making them more flexible than most Ork units. Just remember the limited range of the Snazzgun makes it very important you get into position as fast as possible


Even though Flash Gitz have access to a Kaptin (Character) he doesn’t get access to a Power Klaw making Flash Gitz reliant on Independent Characters to be effective in Assault, but as wound soakers they act just like any Nob unit.


This is where Flash Gitz really do work, the Snazzgun has been tinkered with over the years. This version has removed most of the random elements, with only AP being random. It just the right level of random, where opponents have to assume you will roll a 1. Having a Gitfinda included with every Flash Git also makes them better shooters, giving them edge over other dedicated Ork units. As long as you don’t face high AV units Flash Gitz are threat to everyone.

The idea of Ork Space Pirates is appealing, but these rogue Boyz always need some help.


Brief Freebooter History

 -Taken from Lexicanum

Freebooterz are Orks who have separated themselves from their clan (by choice or through being exiled) and go off to live the life of pirates and mercenarie.

Freebooterz forsake their previous Clan and tribal allegiances and usually wear a distinctive style of dress to emphasise this, often decorating themselves with ear and nose rings, Jolly Ork symbols and flamboyant clothing. As Freebooterz often don’t have access to Painboyz or Mekboyz; their injuries frequently have to be patched up in a temporary manner, thus many Freebooterz sport eyepatches, peg-legs or hook hands. Freebooter bands are often led by a Kaptin, these individuals are even tougher, more ruthless and foul tempered than the rest of their brethren and are usually even more ostentatiously attired, frequently favouring large hats and voluminous coats in which they conceal numerous weapons and flasks of fungus rum.

The universal symbol of the Freebooterz is the Jolly Ork – an Ork Skull and Crossbones motif which often adorns their clothes, banners and vehicles.

Putting it all Together…

Flash Gitz have often gotten a bad rap, but with amazing new models they can shine in many Ork armies. They can be a replacement for Lootas, but really they take the place of the old Shoota Boy mobs of 5th edition. They might not have the volume of shots, but the accuracy and value of them are greater. I mentioned about the random AP not being such a  bad thing, because now every opponent has plan for shots being AP1. It also means against light tanks the Flash Gitz are extra dangerous, especially if you can get in rear shot. Flash Gitz can use some Orky tricks, like taking joining a Mega-Armoured Independent Character to the unit. It makes Flash Gitz Slow & Purposeful, so with the Gitfinda you are shooting at BS3 instead of BS2.

The biggest drawback with Flash Gitz is moving them around the board, you have to take Trukk (at least) to get into position (24″ range) for the Snazzgun. You also have to avoid most assaults; easiest way they will get mowed down. Still, don’t be afraid to pick certain assaults as it can protect from incoming shooting and having four attacks each at S5 isn’t anything to cry about on the charge. So, while Flash Gitz are balanced, taking an Independent Character for some protection is a worthwhile precaution for many situations. Terrain as well is your friend for cover saves, and taking a Mob Rule! check is often not that terrible. If you want to sink some points into Flash Gitz you cannot go completely wrong with a Battlewagon Gun boat for a mobile firebase.

— Flash Gitz Army Templates–

Flash Gitz Allied Detachment List

Flash Gitz Combined Arms Detachment List

Flash Gitz Great Waaagh! Detachment List

Flash Gitz Kaptin Badrukk’s Flash Gitz Formation List

Flash Gitz Ork Horde Detachment List


Kaptin Badrukk’s Flash Gitz: Like a few other Formations for the Orks, this one is all about blobbing up into a super unit. At 21 models you can get over 60+ shots and re-rolling up to 20 misses. Orks in 7th are not known for deleting units through shooting, but this formation is the closest you will come to doing it. Throw in a Mega-Armour character and you have something really cooking. Just make sure to avoid Assaults, which is hard considering the size, but at the very least you will have a ton of attacks an opponent wouldn’t ever think was coming.


Ork Horde Detachment: Since Flash Gitz love joining Independent Characters this Detachment is a great way to give up an HQ slot without feeling like you diminish the rest of your army. If you design this Detachment to be highly mobile, the Flash Gitz fit right in instead of stationary units like Lootas and Mek Gunz.

Great Waaagh! Detachment: If you can get lucky you can place Flash Gitz right where you need them on the battlefield. this Detachment also takes full advantage of shooty Big Meks in Mega-Armour if you want to join and teleport in. Flash Gitz are also a great way to get Battlewagons in your list without using any Heavy slots.

Final Thoughts….

Overall, Flash Gitz got a vast improvement from the past, but are held back by an codex outdated by the cover happy meta we currently play in. If you can get your opponent out in the open though Flash Gitz pose a threat like no other in the Ork codex. If you are still playing Orks this far into 7th edition it is worth giving them a try.

For tactical articles feel free to email me to continue the discussion or if you discover an inaccurate interpretations of the rules– edits will be made accordingly. Also check out other articles in this series…


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