Top ITC Tournament Lists for August 2018

by | Oct 9, 2018

Blood of Kittens attempts to provide continuous coverage of ITC events, in posts showcasing the Top 3 army lists from the largest events.

This particular post chronicles the large events for August 2018.

8th edition is a land of changes, so with every new month comes new codexes, FAQs, and rules. Whenever you look at an army list keep in mind how quickly the game shifts. In other words, a legal army today may become illegal tomorrow, along with events using special rules or restrictions.  

Still getting caught up now moving on to the Top Lists for August 2018, where Imperial Knights take center stage.

Major: MAGS Championship, Indianapolis, IN, August 3-4th, 2018

  1. Aaron Aleong 1st Overall MAGS Championship 2018
  2. Steven Schuyler 2nd Overall MAGS Championship 2018
  3. David Rodriguez 3rd Overall MAGS Championship 2018

Major: Warzone: Giga-Bites 2018, Marietta, GA, August 11-12th

  1. Stephen Mitchell 1st Overall Warzone Giga-Bites 2018
  2. Mark Perry 2nd Overall Warzone Giga-Bites 2018
  3. Alexis Putt 3rd Overall Warzone Giga-Bites 2018

GT: Hammer of Wrath GT, Game Empire, Pasadena, CA, August 11th-12th, 2018

  1. Jeff Poole 1st Overall Hammer of Wrath 2018 Richard Cozart
  2. 2nd Overall Hammer of Wrath 2018
  3. Andrew Dickinger 3rd Overall Hammer of Wrath 2018

GT: The Frontrange GT, HobbyTown Westminster, CO, August 18-19th, 2018

  1. Matt Evans 1st Overall The Frontrange GT 2018 Nathan Cartmell
  2. 2nd Overall The Frontrange GT 2018
  3. Gregory Wright 3rd Overall The Frontrange GT 2018

Major: Capital City Bloodbath 2018, Ontario, Canada, August 18-19th, 2018

  1. Ridvan Cyr-Martinez 1st Overall Capital City Bloodbath 2018
  2. Sean Li 2nd Overall Capital City Bloodbath 2018
  3. Joshua Death 3rd Overall Capital City Bloodbath 2018

GT: Bridge City Open, Travelodge Saskatoon, Saskatoon Canada, August 25-26th, 2018

  1. Thomas Marturano 1st Overall Bridge City Open 2018
  2. Ryan Mandryk 2nd Overall Bridge City Open 2018
  3. Isaac Bates 3rd Overall Bridge City Open 2018

MAJOR: Siegeworld 40k Major,  St. Louis, MO, August 25-26th, 2018

  1. Sam Henley 1st Overall Siegeworld 2018
  2. Jeremy Stan – Imperial Guard
  3. Trent Northington 3rd Overall Siegeworld 2018

MAJOR: Nova Open 2018, Richmond VA, August 30th-31st, 2018

  1. Andrew Gonyo 1st Overall Nova Open 2018
  2. Trent Northington 2nd Overall Nova Open 2018
  3. Nick Nanavati 3rd Overall Nova Open 2018

Below is the current breakdown of what primary faction are winning events. The list combines all the top lists for 8th edition 2017 ITC season events only, taking only the top three from each Major or GT.

  • 51 Astra Militarum
  • 41 Ynnari
  • 30 Chaos Space Marines
  • 26 Daemons
  • 22 Ultramarines
  • 21 Dark Eldar
  • 17 Tyranids
  • 12 T’au Empire
  • 12 Eldar
  • 12 Imperial Knights
  • 8 Orks
  • 8 Death Guard
  • 7 Blood Angels
  • 7 Thousand Sons
  • 6 Grey Knights
  • 6 Sisters of Battle
  • 6 Space Marines
  • 5 Genestealer Cults
  • 4 Adeptus Mechanicus
  • 4 Necrons
  • 4 Adeptus Custodes
  • 3 Officio Assassinorum
  • 2 Renegade Knights
  • 2 Space Wolves
  • 2 Dark Angels
  • 1 Harlequins
  • 1 Deathwatch

If you want to see more lists separated by army/codex check out the new 8th Edition Top Army List Compendium.

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