Alternative Ork DeffKopta Review

Alternative Ork DeffKopta Review

Alternative Ork DeffKopta Review

by | Oct 7, 2018

Kromlech’s Kopta Kan Link

Kromlech has sent Blood of Kittens products for review and like any good wargamer we sent them off to someone better at painting and hobbying than me, here is a review by one of my favorite players and painters Jody Pez Man. Jody is available for commissions for characters only contact him at for pricing and details.

This Orktober looks to be a time of maximum speed and dakka for Ork players everywhere. I’ve painted up the Kromlech Kopta Kan to see if it will pass inspection for the next great waaaagh.

Compared to most Kromlech kits, the Kopta Kan has quite a few parts, but for the most part, the Kopta Kan is a simple model to assemble. Also, there are some customization options in the form of either a machine gun or missile turret as well as two flight stands a couple different locations to place the bomb and buzzsaw arm. The mold on my kit was very clean and required only minimal clean up before I made my choices from the assembly options.

As you can see, I opted for some sub-assemblies for ease of painting. An important note about assembly here, there is a small domed piece (see above) which is used for mounting the Kopta Kan to the flight stand. It would be easy to lose or discard this piece mistaking it for part of an arm mount or just flash. Without this piece it would make the model very difficult to mount on the flight stand. Also, once I got into the assembly process a few issues came up. Despite trying a variety of dry-fit options, I couldn’t find a comfortable placement for the bomb arm, and the missile cluster needed significant trimming to sit comfortably within the body of the Kopta Kan.

I set about painting the Kopta Kan to match my other ork vehicles. As always, this process is mostly about blocking in the colors and picking out key details, then washing the entire model with diluted MinWax water-based wood stain. As always with Kromlech kits, there are plenty of crisp details to pick out. After the wash, I went back and picked out a few of the lenses with my airbrush and reestablished some of the highlights to help make the shapes distinct on the body of the Kopta Kan. Because I worked in sub-assemblies, the model was relatively easy to paint.

Clearly, the Kopta Kan could be used as a replacement option for the currently out of print plastic, GW Deffkopta. The Kopta Kan is bulkier than the Deffkopta, but the body of the Deffkopta is longer than the Kopta Kan. That said, The Kopta Kan is reasonably close to the Deffkopta in terms of size, and wouldn’t present any confusion issues if fielded as a replacement. Aesthetically speaking, the bulky body of the Kopta Kan and the awkward angle of the bomb arm make it hard to imagine the Kopta Kan zooming across a battlefield and wreaking havoc. As such, I just never found myself enamored with this Kromlech kit.

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