Project White Scars

by | May 15, 2019

Sorry for being MIA for over a week, but I was working on getting up my next hobby website and project for launch. Like the previous project this will be the same format, but this time it will feature a currently underappreciated Space Marine Chapter the White Scars. Like many, I can remember a day in the not so distance past where all we would see was White Scar armies for Space Marines, well I think it is time to give them a bit of love for 8th edition.

Anyway, I been really wanting to paint a white army and no other is more iconic than the White Scars, but I will be mixing things up a bit, by adding in Primaris successor chapter the Storm Reapers, which is mostly swap for black highlights over the red of the classic White Scars.

You can follow the project on its own dedicated website.

White Scars Project Site

And also here is the first two posts which talk about the project goals and strategies.

The List

Primed and Ready to Go!

I hope you will enjoy this project like the Necron one and help me keep motivated through to completion!

Project Necrons

Hope you come along for the ride and check out these minis sites from Blood of Kittens