Codex Chaos Knights: Leak Compilation

Jun 30, 2019

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Codex: Chaos Knights 8th Edition, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Codex Chaos Knights. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. 8th Edition will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Codex: Chaos Knights will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders July 6th 2019: July 13th 2019 Release Date

  • Codex Chaos Knights: $40
  • Chaos Knight Kit (Knight Desecrator / Knight Rampager): $160


  • Ion Aegis – 2 CP See pictures 
  • Spiteful Demise – 2 CP Chaos Knights model explodes on a 4+ instead of a 6. 
  • Thunderstomp – 1 CP Titanic Chaos Knight selects one enemy Infantry or Swarm within 1″ that unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. 
  • Skyreaper Protocols – 1 CP Reroll missed to Hit rolls in the Shooting Phase for a Wardog with Wardog Autocannons. 
  • Rotate Ion Shields – 1/3CP +1 Ion sheild save (note cannot be used against melee like Imperial Knights)
  • Corrupted Heirlooms – 1/3 CP See pictures 
  • Tyrannical Court – 1/3 CP up to two Chaos Knights gain Character and a Warlord Trait 
  • Pack Dogs – 1 CP When a Wardog finishes a charge move other Wardogs within 12″ can reroll Charges 
  • Chainsweep – 1 CP Reaper Chainsword Chaos Knight, roll 1D6 for each enemy model within 3″, on a 6 the unit suffers 1 Mortal Wound 
  • Death Grip – 1 CP Same as Imperial Knights 
  • Daemonic Guidance System – 3CP May target a Character with a Shieldbreaker Missile even if they are not the closest target
  • Full Tilt – 2 CP Chaos Knight may charge even if it Advanced
  • Devastating Reach – 1 CP Same as Imperial Knights 
  • Titanic Duel – 1 CP Titanic Chaos Knight is fighting another Titanic target, both players secretly choose a number between 1 and 3. If both players pick the same number nothing happens, if they pick different numbers they both get that many extra attacks but may only target Titanic targets. 
  • Trail of Destruction – 2 CP See pictures 
  • Break the Enemy Line – 2 CP In fight phase pick one enemy unit within 1″ of an Iconoclast model that made a charge this turn. That Knight may reroll all hit rolls. 
  • Vow of Carnage – 1 CP See pictures 
  • Vow of Dominance – 2 CP See pictures 
  • Vow of the Beastslayer – 1 CP Against targets with 8+ Wounds this model may reroll to Wound rolls of a 1 
  • Bind the Sounds of the Defeated – 2 CP See pictures 
  • Pack with the Dark Gods – 3 CP See pictures 
  • Daemonic Ammunition – 1 CP All Heavy Stubbers become S5 
  • Diablolic Rift – 2 CP Enemy Psykers suffer Perils on any roll not just a double 1 or double 6 when within 12″

Warlord Traits:

  • Objective secured, counts as 10 models.
  • Each enemy vehicle within 6″ of the Warlord suffers a Mortal Wound on a 4+ at the end of your movement phase
  • Deny one Psychic Power, 5+++ against Wounds caused in the Psychic phase.
  • +1 Charge range and +1 Attack while in the opponents deployment zone.
  • Enemy units within 12″ -1 to their charge rolls. Morale for enemy units within 12″ is taken on 2D6 instead of 1. Discarding the lowest.

Corrupted Heirlooms:

  • Veil of Medrengard: +4 Invulnerable save
  • Khorne Target: once per battle and One fight phase ignore opponent Invulnerable saves and reverse you have no invulnerable saves.
  • Ion Aegis: 5+ Invulnerable 6″ save bubble for any Chaos units wholly within.
  • Tyrants Banner: +1 LD to all chaos units within 6″ and on a 5+ gain 1 CP every turn.
  • The Teeth that Hunger – Replaces Chainsword S+8 AP -4 Damage 6. +1 Attack, and the end of a battle round where you don’t kill any models this model suffers 1 Mortal Wound.
  • Bound Yaradian Psychogheist – When shooting on an unmodified roll of a 6 the AP of the attack is improved by 1.
  • The Traitors Mark – Enemies within 12″ are -1 LD. -2 LD when they are within 6″.
  • Quicksilver throne of Slaanesh – +1 to Advance or Charge rolls. Always fights first.
  • Rune of Nak’T’Graa. Model gains a 5++ save. Dreadblade only.
  • Helm of Warp-Sight: When firing ranged weapons, Ignore modifiers to Hit.
  • Relic Laser Destroyer: Heavy 3, Str16 AP-4 Damage D6. Wound roll of a 6 inflicts D3 Mortal Wounds in addition.
  • Tzeentchian Pyrothrone: Gains Psyker keyword, it knows Smite. If destroyed by a perils it automatically explodes.
  • Carapace of Nurgle: When this model makes a save in melee on a 4+ if causes a Mortal Wound to the unit that caused it.

Pacts and Damnations: One Dreadblade per Detachment may roll for 2 Pacts or pick 1. Must then choose 2 Damnations or roll for 1. Leadership test at the start of your turn, if failed suffer Damnation

  • Re-roll hit rolls against Character or Titanic (shooting and melee!)
  • Roll 1D6 for each enemy unit within 1″ of this Knight when it charges, for each 4+ the unit suffers D3 Mortal Wounds
  • Roll a D6 at the start of the game, 1-3 +2″ Move, 4-5 improve WS by 1, 6 improve BS by 1
  • +1 LD, at the start of the first battle round, if on the table you gain 1 Command Point
  • Any attacks with an AP of -1 count as AP 0 against this Knight
  • Can perform a Heroic Intervention but the range is increased to 6″
  • Knight may not benefit from any Stratagems
  • Knight may not fall back and BS is reduced to 6+
  • Roll a D6 at the end of any Phase that this Knight loses a Wound, on a 4+ it loses and additional Wound
  • Knight always fights last even if it charged
  • Knight must shoot or charge the nearest enemy unit
  • -1 from Advance, Charge and to Hit rolls

Iconoclasts Ambitions:

  • Conquerors without Mercy: If a model with this ambition made a charge move, was charged or performed a Heroic Intervention add 1 to the model Attacks until the end of the turn, and the AP of melee weapons. In addition, when an enemy unit fails Morale test whilst within 12″ of any models with this ambition, one additional model flees that unit. 

Infernals Ambitions:

  • Daemonic Surge: At the start of the movement phase. Take 1 Mortal to roll on chart, or D3 Mortals to pick between +2 Move +1 Advance and charge, +1 Toughness, +1 Strength and Damage to one ranged weapon. Lasts until start of your next movement phase. 

Unit Rules:

  • Knight Desecrator: Around 380 points, 6″ Aura of re-roll hits 1s when making attacks for chaos knights.
  • Knight Desecrator 385
  • Knight Despoiler 285
  • Knight Despoiler with Reaper Chainsword and Thunderstrike Gauntlet 305 (must still pay for weapons on top of this)
  • Knight Rampager 320
  • Knight Tyrant 500
  • Wardog 160
  • Reaper Chainsword 30
  • Thunderstrike Gauntlet 35
  • Avenger Gatling Cannon 85
  • Cannon Laser Destructor 0
  • Rapid Fire Battlecannon 90
  • Thermal Cannon 55
  • Wardog Autocannon 5
  • Heavy Stubber 2
  • Ironstorm Missile Pod 16
  • Meltagun 14
  • Plasma Decimator 40
  • Shield Breaker Missiles 15
  • Stormspear Rocket Pod 45
  • Thermal Spear 0
  • Conflagration Cannon 0
  • Heavy Flamer 14
  • Thundercoil Harpoon 0
  • Twin Icarus Autocannon 20
  • Twin Meltaguns 0
  • Twin Seigebreakers 35
  • Volcano Lance 70

Chaos Knight Videos


Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

Let’s start with an easy one – sometimes, you just need an enemy smashed. Whether it’s a rival Knight, Roboute Guilliman himself, or large units with good saves (invulnerable or otherwise) like Bullgryns.

Chaos Knights provide your army with an awesome countering force in the Knight Rampager. Costing a mere 387 points fully geared up, it’s a steal for a Super-heavy and should slot into most army builds without much trouble. Its terrifying offensive prowess, coupled with solid Wounds, Toughness and Save characteristics means it’s likely to soak up a lot of enemy fire – much like the beloved ‘Distraction Carnifex’ of old.*

What’s great about this build is that most of its additional options take the form of Relics, meaning they’ll effectively only cost you the Command Point you spend on the Corrupted Heirlooms Stratagem.

You’ll want to spend it on the Khornate Target – an incredible pick that allows you to switch off enemy invulnerable saves!

This Knight is a great accompaniment to shooting- or psychic-based Chaos armies, like the Thousand Sons or Alpha Legion.

OPTION 2: The Tower of Terror

A Chaos Knight isn’t just a source of damage – it’s a bulwark that is great for keeping your troops safe. This build is designed to plug into Chaos forces looking to add a bit of extra durability to their armies.

We’ve opted to gear the Knight Tyrant with the thundercoil harpoon and conflagration cannon as an assault deterrent, helping you discourage enemy combat units from charging the centre of your line. Where this Knight really comes in handy is with the Ion Aegis Stratagem.

Surround them with a horde of Chaos Cultists or another low-points unit of infantry, and you’ll significantly upgrade their durability. This is fantastic for holding an objective in your backline, creating a living barricade that few armies have the ability to breach. It’s also a great way to support already tough Chaos units that lack invulnerable saves, like Plague Marines in a Death Guard army.

If you’re looking to hold objectives with nigh impunity while providing brutal short-range firepower, this is the Knight for you.

OPTION 3: The Overlord

761 points might seem like a lot to dedicate to an “allied” choice, but this Detachment has a place in pretty much any Chaos force. Between the War Dog autocannons and the Knight Desecrator’s laser destructor, you’ll have some flexible firepower. 

To put (molten, tainted) icing on the cake, the Knight Desecrator helps improve the accuracy of your War Dogs.

What makes this Detachment shine is the bounty of Command Points it unlocks for your army. A Chaos Knights Super-heavy Detachment made up of 2 War Dogs and a Knight Desecrator provides a respectable 3 Command Points, the Knower of Profane Secrets Dreadblade Pact gives you an additional 1, and The Tyrant’s Banner gives you an additional Command Point every turn on a roll of a 5+.

This lets you make full use of awesome Chaos Knights Stratagems like Trail of Destruction, or combines well with close-combat Chaos forces. Use these guys to pin down your opponents at range while Khorne Berzerkers or hordes of Daemonettes shred them up-close.


You won’t have long to wait to add your favourite Chaos Knight to your army! Make sure to pre-order the new codex, the Knight Desecrator and the Knight Despoiler tomorrow – or kick off your army today with your chosen Dominus–, Questoris– or Armiger-class Knight.

Types of Chaos Knights

Chaos Knights organise themselves like dark and corrupted mirrors to Imperial Knights, but there are some distinct differences. Broadly speaking, while Imperial Knights come from knightly households, forge worlds, or fight as Freeblades, Chaos Knights come from Iconoclast Households, serve the Dark Mechanicum as Infernals, or fight as Dreadblades.

On the tabletop, this is represented by the choice between two broad sub-factions – Iconoclasts and Infernals – that offer every Chaos Knight in a given Detachment some thematic and deadly special rules. Dreadblades are a bit different, and they’ll get a preview all to themselves later this week.

Iconoclast Households

Psychotic, sadistic killers, the Knights of the Iconoclast Households follow twisted codes of honour and chivalry. During the Horus Heresy, many traitor Knights were driven insane, unable to reconcile following their oaths to Horus and the Traitor Legions with the increasingly debased and awful acts of carnage they were compelled to participate in.

In an attempt to quell their increasing doubt and self-loathing, these Knights dedicated themselves more deeply to their oaths, driven steadily insane by the disapproval of their forefathers in their Thrones Mechanicum.* Over the years, the Thrones Mechanicum would become inhabited by the spiritual echoes of increasingly insane and bloodthirsty nobles – which would serve only to deepen the madness of any who used them. With the passing of centuries, this cycle of corruption has led the Iconoclast Households to transform into a brutal parody of their honourable kin.

On the tabletop, Iconoclast Households are perfect for players who like to go at their enemies full tilt! Thanks to the Conquerors Without Mercy rule, these Knights are brutal when charging into close combat, gaining an additional attack and point of Armour Penetration to better crush their foes.

This is, of course, absolutely amazing when combined with the new Knight Rampager, but works with the melee weapons of any Chaos Knight you choose – everything aside from War Dogs (that’s “Armigers” to you loyalist whelps of the Corpse-Emperor) can attack with their Titanic Feet. Woe betides the enemy who thinks your double avenger gatling cannon-armed Knight Despoiler is an easy target in melee…

Iconoclast Households can also make use of a host of fun and thematic pre-battle Stratagems, representing the twisted oaths made by their Nobles. Vow of Dominance, for example, makes your chosen Knight incredibly hard to kill – perfect if you’re expecting to come up against Shadowswords and other anti-armour options.

If you’re looking to mulch through hordes of infantry, meanwhile, the Vow Of Carnage rewards you for crushing your foes with additional Attacks!

Iconoclast Households also have access to a fantastic relic that gives them a 4+ invulnerable save without having to rotate their ion shields – ideal for a Knight Tyrant (that’s a “Knight Dominus” for you loyalist lapdogs) that expects to come under heavy enemy fire.

Infernal Households

The result of twisted experiments to subvert the Thrones Mechanicum, Knights of the Infernal Households are capable of drawing on dark and arcane power in battle. Dedicated to the Dark Mechanicum, these Knights have had their noble purpose subverted by arcane science, with their Fallen Nobles often fused in grisly fashion to their steeds. Now, each Knight of an Infernal Household teems with pathogenic scrapcode, specterphagic Daemons and other dark modifications.

On the tabletop, dedicating your Knights to the Infernal Households allows you to draw on incredible power – for a price! The Daemonic Surge rule allows you to increase the abilities of your Knights in exchange for taking Mortal Wounds. Take 1, and you get to roll randomly. Take D3, and you can choose!

This allows you to modify your strategy on the fly. Need to close on the foe? Use Daemonic Hunger. Looking to utterly annihilate an enemy? Grab Daemonic Power!

If this wasn’t awesome enough (seriously, you’ve not seen destruction until you’ve witnessed a Knight Tyrant let loose with a Daemonic Power-ed conflagration cannon), you also have access to some utterly insane Stratagems. Let’s say you get destroyed – on a 4+, you can come back.

That’s pretty cool, right? But with only D3 Wounds, you won’t last for long – which is why you’ll want to follow up with Bind the Souls of the Defeated, which lets you heal up as you slaughter your enemies!

And More!

And that’s just the start of it! We’ll be back later in the week with more rules previews, including a look at Dreadblades – evil Freeblades with deadly special abilities.

Chaos Knights

Forswear your oaths of fealty! Chaos Knights are going to bring total devastation to the battlefields of the 41st Millennium – but not everyone is happy about it…

However, followers of the Chaos Gods will feel like they have been blessed. First up is a new codex, featuring all of the background and rules for Chaos Knights alongside specific Stratagems and Warlord Traits.

You’ll also be able to declare your traitorous Fallen house as either Iconoclast (those who follow a twisted code of chivalry) or Infernal (those sworn to the Dark Mechanicum) and select Pacts and Damnations for your Dreadblade Knights. A new model kit is also on the way, which will let you build your choice of Knight Desecrator (a mid- to close-range powerhouse) or a Knight Rampager (a frenzied close-combat butcher).

Also available will be a set of datacards, making it even easier to keep track of your Stratagems during play.