A Major from Norway and the surprising Dark God results!

by | Sep 13, 2020

Up in the land of Vikings we got a big event, just barely making Major status with 58 players. Invasion 40k 2020 in Vest-Agder Norway showcased some of the best Scandinavian players, but in the end a few surprise lists made the top 3.

Like last week, once again Space Marines missed out on the Top 3, though 2 lists made the top 10. The most shocking though was the top list, showing that Chaos Daemons might have something to say about this early 9th edition meta.

Anyway, here are Invasion 40k Major Top 3 army lists…

Invasion 2020: Top 3

Are Verlo 1st Place Invasion 40k 2020 – Chaos Daemons

5-0 Scores: 96/97/100/97/81

Rasmus Valand Fredriksen 2nd Place Invasion 40k 2020 – Harlequins

5-0 Scores: 99/76/72/78/80

Eirik Kiil 3rd Place Invasion 40k 2020 – Adeptus Mechanicus

4-1 Scores: 100/92/91/47/93

I was just talking to a friend about the possibility of a Slaanesh lead Daemon list being good, but to see it in action and win a Major is really impressive. The Epitome is still good and locking up units in combat for your Keeper of Secrets to do work is still pretty powerful. Harlequins did really well at this event overall having 5 lists and no one going worse than 3-2 for the Major. Space Marines were a little over 1/6 of the field, but taken as whole had an average performance. As well Ad-mech showing up finally is a good sign, because on paper they should be really good in 9th edition!

Overall, we seeing a slight shift in the meta outside of England and players catching on to Harlequins being the Space Marine meta breakers.  

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