Space Marine 9th Edition Codex Leak Compilation

Sep 15, 2020

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Adeptus Astartes: Space Marines 9th edition codex, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Adeptus Astartes: Space Marines 9th edition codex. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k Adeptus Astartes: Space Marines 9th edition codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: October 3rd 2020 Release Date: October 10th 2020 

  • Space Marine 9th edition codex: $50
  • Chaplain on Bike: $45
  • ATV: $40
  • Turret: $35
  • Dice: $35


Codex Specific Secondary Objectives

  • Codex Warfare – Purge the Enemy – score 1pt per unit destroyed with Heavy or Grenade Weapons while your army is in Devastator Doctrine, 1pt per unit destroyed with Rapid Fire or Assault weapons in Tactical, 1pt per unit destroyed with melee or Pistol weapons in Assault
  • Shock Tactics – Battlefield Supremacy – score 3pts at the end of the battle round if you control one or more objectives with an ADEPTUS ASTARTES unit at the end of the battle round that were controlled by your opponent at the start of the battle round
  • Oaths of Moment – No Mercy, No Respite – score points at the end of each battle round if a) any ADEPTUS ASTARTES unit in your army destroyed an enemy CHARACTER, VEHICLE, or MONSTER unit (1pt/round), or b) as long as no ADEPTUS ASTARTES unit in your army failed Morale or fell back (1pt/round), or c) if an ADEPTUS ASTARTES unit from your army is wholly within 6? of the centre of the battlefield (2pts/round)

Stratagems (Five Different Kinds Battle Tactic, Epic Deed, Requisition, Strategic, Ploy, Wargear): 

Battle Tactic Stratagem

Death to the traitors: reroll to hit in melee now
Honour the Chapter: -1cp but only Assault Intercessor (WTF ?)
Fury of the first: no change
Transhuman Physiologie: Only affect Primaris, cost only 1 if 5 or fewer models
Rapid-fire: Buffed, added veteran intercessor, changed: Shoot again instead of rapid-fire +1
Gene Wrought Might: No change
Unyielding in the face of the foe: Look new to me, 1 cp, use in any phase when Gravis unit is targeted by an attack, +1 to save roll if the attack is damage 1 …


Epic Deed Strat

Only in death does Duty end: Huge nerf, only in fight phase and only if target SM unit didn’t fight.
Armour of contempt: No change
Power of the Machine Spirit: New strat, 2cp, use in command phase on a tank with Machine spirit keywords (old Machine Spirit unit). Until the start of the next command phase count as full life!
Wisdom fo the Ancients: Small change, give one dread the captain or lieutenant aura. excluding DC and Wulfen dread.
Commanding Oratory: New, 2cp, use at the start of any phase but command phase, auto pas one Chaplain prayer. (Master Chaplain use it for 1cp)
ombat Revival:C 1cp, target one Apo that heal a close (3″) inf or biker unit. One destroyed is back with full life!


Requisition Stratagem

Relic of the Chapter: Give a Relic can be used 2 times at 2000 points or 3 times at 3k
Hero of the Chapter: same as Relic but for warlord trait.


Strategic Ploy Stratagem

Hit and run warfare: new I think, 1cp, speeders and bikers can fall back and shoot.
Hammer of wrath: Changed, went from 5+ to beat enemy toughness to deal 1 MW. (buff against T4 & T3, same vs T5, nerf vs the rest)
Skilled riders: Nerfed but cost 1cp, -1 to hit until end of the phase.
Uncompromising Fire: new, 2cp can shoot and do an “action” (for the scenario)
Steady Advance: buffed, price upped to 2cp but affect one inf for all-purpose, not just bolter. (WOW neat)
Adaptive Strategy: new, 2cp, one core unit is affected by all doctrine! (neat)
Suppression Fire: Changed a lot, 1cp affect only WW now, if a hit is scored with a blast weapon, can’t overwatch, set defend and fight last. UNTIL the start of your next turn! (not bad)
Terror troops: new, 2cp, one reiver unit gain an aura that removes object within 3” and try to disrupt enemy taking actions.
Guerilla Tactics new: 1cp, when a Phobos move it can go into strategic reserve…(neat) not within 6″ of enemy
Orbital Bombardment : changed : 1d3 on 2+, 1d6 on 6+, -1 vs char, +1 within 3″.


Wargear stratagem

Auspex Scan: buffed, lost the minus one to hit
Tremors Shell: small nerf, charge roll debuff is now -2 (instead of halves).unchanged for mov
Shock and Awe: changed to include LS storm and can’t “set to defend”
Assault Launcher: new, 1cp use at the start of charge phase, one assault launcher within 9″ of the enemy. Enemy chooses to brace (take 1d3 MW) or cover, can’t OW or set defence and -1 attack characteristics.
Melta bomb: 1cp, make one attack, if hit, 2d3 MW.
Grav pulse: 1cp, repulsor field keyword needed, use in mov phase to fallback and shoot or in charge phase to remove 2 from charge range. (note that repulsor lost the basic -2 charge range)
Hellfire SHell: same but if a monster is a target it deals 3 MW instead of 1d3
Flakk Missile: Buffed, dmg is 2d3 now
Smokescreen: replace smoke launcher rule, if you have the keywords you can spend 1 cp for -1 hit for all the phase

  • Stratagems that are gone now: Duty Eternal, Veteran Intercessors, Boltstorm, Hunter-Slayer Missile, Cluster Mines, Gravitic Amplification, Masterful Marksmanship, Big Guns Never Tire, Target Sighted, Skyfire, Vengeance of the Machine Spirit, and Tactical Flexibility.

Warlord Traits: 

  • Fear Made Manifest which keeps its previous effect and is also -1 to Combat Attrition rolls for units within 6”
  • Imperium’s Sword is re-roll charges (not any/all dice any more) and is otherwise unchanged
  • Iron Resolve is unchanged
  • Champion of Humanity is unchanged
  • Storm of Fire has the aura tag now and only affects CORE, otherwise unchanged
  • Rites of War Storm of Fire it has the aura tag now and only affects CORE or CHARACTER, but instead of its previous effect it now gives those units Objective Secured.
  • Shoot and Fade is similar to before except you declare after shooting instead of at the start of the phase, and Advancing is optional (but you still can’t charge)
  • Lord of Deceit gets BIG changes, as you can now redeploy anywhere instead of having to pull back into your deployment zone, or even put units into Strategic Reserves for free.
  • Master of the Vanguard gets the aura tag, and a slight nerf as now you get +1 to your Move characteristic instead of Move and Advance rolls
  • Stealth Adept completely changed from the previous version, as your Warlord can now not be targeted with ranged attacks unless it is the closest eligible target.
  • Target Priority is unchanged except it happens in the Command phase now
  • Master Marksman is just a renamed Marksman’s Honours


  • The Armour Indomitus now gives +1 wound as well as its other old effects
  • Shield Eternal is now in line with other storm shields i.e. 4+ invulnerable, +1 to armour save rolls, and still gives its FNP
  • Standard of the Emperor Ascendant now gives re-roll Morale instead of auto-pass, replicating the old ATSKNF
  • Primarch’s Wrath gained a point of AP
  • Purgatorus gains another shot and is now 18” range
  • Ghostweave Cloak is completely changed – now the bearer moves over other models as if they were not there when making Normal/Advance/Fall Back moves, and is -1 to hit.
  • Vox Espiritum still does not increase the range of psychic power auras but does increase the range of Litany auras 

Psychic Powers:

  • Veil of Time – Blessing, otherwise unchanged
  • Might of Heroes – Blessing, only affects CORE or CHARACTER
  • Null Zone – Blessing, gains the aura tag
  • Psychic Scourge – Witchfire, otherwise unchanged
  • Fury of the Ancients – Witchfire, WC6 now, increased to 18” range, and instead of having to draw closest to closest the line can now be drawn from any part to any part. 
  • Psychic Fortress – Blessing, WC6 now, 5+ invulnerable save for ALL units within 6” instead of the previous effect.
  • Shrouding  – Blessing, can now not be targeted by Overwatch either
  • Soul Sight – Blessing, otherwise unchanged
  • Mind Raid – Witchfire, otherwise unchanged
  • Hallucination – Malediction, no longer rolls 2D6 against leadership, just automatically makes them -1 to hit with shooting attacks
  • Tenebrous Curse – Malediction, WC7 now, halve Movement but -2 to advance and charge rolls
  • Temporal Corridor – Blessing, WC5 now. You don’t have to advance but if you do your unit auto-advances 6”; on the other hand, you are completely exempted from shooting or fighting this turn. Weirdly it doesn’t stop you charging, just fighting, so White Scars can potentially use this to move 12” and charge and then just not get to swing – but still potentially fire across the table and take an objective. Presumably this will end up getting errata’d.

Random Rule Changes

  • Grav-cannons – now 30” range and flat 2 damage.
  • Litany’s effect CORE only
  • As previewed, the multi-melta is now 2 shots, and d6+2 damage at half range
  • Power weapons – now +1 strength over their previous profiles, as already previewed
  • Power fist – flat 2 damage
  • Thunder hammers – now only AP-2 but still flat 3 damage
  • Combat shields – In addition to the 5+ invulnerable save, these also give +1 to armor saves
  • Relic Blades – now +3 strength and flat 2 damage
  • Reiver pistol – now AP-2 instead of -1
  • Aggressor melee – flat 2 damage
  • Lightning claws – +1 attack per claw, not for the pair. Puts Assault Terminators with dual claws up to 5 attacks on the charge.
  • Chainfist – d3 damage, or flat 3 into a vehicle
  • Dreadnought Chainfist – 2d3 damage, or flat 6 into a vehicle
  • Heavy Onslaught Cannon – up to strength 6
  • Onslaught gatling cannon – 8 shots, up from 6
  • Icarus rocket pod – +1 to hit AIRCRAFT, no penalty for shooting other stuff
  • Impulsor Icarus Missiles – flat 2 damage, +1 to hit AIRCRAFT, no penalty for shooting other stuff
  • Impulsor Icarus Skytalon Array – up to 8 shots from 6, +1 to hit AIRCRAFT, no penalty for shooting other stuff
  • Heavy plasma cannons go up to damage 2, 3 overcharged, just like the macro plasma
  • Speaking of plasma, it’s now universally unmodified 1s to hit – good for shooting at planes, bad if you could make yourself unkillable with a +1 to hit before
  • Devastator Centurions seem to be the same points as currently (I haven’t checked to confirm because I’m lazy) and are not Core, which I think we already knew.
  • All bikes are Core.
  • Invader ATV is not Core.
  • Looks like no HQ is Core (not a great shock after the WHC article saying most Characters wouldn’t be).
  • Intercessor Stratagems are now split between Intercessor Squad and Assault Intercessors (ie the squad names are keywords). All Intercessors still have the Intercessor keyword.
  • Gladiator Tanks have set loadouts. You can’t mix and match with the sponsons (stupid IMO). Auto-launchers are an option on it instead of standard, which is odd. Other options are Ironhail Heavy Stubber and Icarus Rocket Pod.
  • Shock Assault still exists (and does the same thing), just incase anyone was wondering.
  • Heavy Thunder Hammer: S x2, AP -3, 4dmg, -1 to hit – Vanguard Veteran Squads and not confirmed but I assume when the Deatwatch Supplement comes out, Deathwatch Veterans too (i’m going to go out on a limb and say Death Company will get them in the Blood Angels Supplement).
  • Primaris Chaplain on Bike doesn’t get Devastating Charge.
  •  Honor the Chapter stratagem is now restricted to assault intercessors only
  • -There’s a new stratagem that states: if your warlord is alive in the command phase of your turn, select a unit (don’t think its restricted to core) and that unit is treated as having all doctrines active.
  • – Thunder hammers are a flat 20pts regardless if equipped to a character or non-character. and now they are -2ap not -3 (3 dmg still)
  • – Scouts are elites
  • – Whirlwind bombardment strat stops units in defensive positions from getting that benefit and makes them fight last in the fight phase. 1cp
  • – Master of sanctity upgrade was either 20 or 25pts (cant remember exactly)
  • – Chapter master is 40pts and CM picks one unit in the command phase to get full rerolls. The captain reroll 1’s aura is active otherwise
  • – Not all non primaris marines characters are getting the +1 wound too….Centurions remain at 4 wounds. Terminators, bikes etc DID get +1 wound though
  • – There WERE army restrictions for the 3 odd chapters in the book (DA SW DW)
  • – Wisdom of the Ancients strat was changed to have 2 options for the aura provided (either reroll 1s to hit or reroll 1s to wound)
  • – Deathwatch seems to have lost special ammo and cant take bike squads oddly
  • – Hellfire stratagem is back but it also deals 2d3 dmg to monsters
  • – Flakk missiles deals 2d3 dmg to fliers
  • – There weren’t many “new” strats iirc
  • – The Reaper variant of the new floaty tank came to 230pts (without useless upgrades)
  • – Theres a melta bomb stratagem that deals 2d3 MW in CC (to a vehicle or monster), 1 or 2 cp, unsure
  • – The Hammer of Wrath stratagem got a bit of a rework and improved quite a bit I think MWs dealt by rolling equal to or higher than enemy units toughness. Number of dice equal to number of models in engagement range (i think)
  • – Outriders are 3 per unit Erads and BGVs are 3-6
  • – BGVs and Erads are 35pts and 40pts respectively
  • – There was a strat for reuplsors to fall back and shoot at full BS
  • – The SM-only secondary objectives were all awful
  • – Incursors lost their combat knives exploding on 6s to hit in cc (are ap-1)
  • – Blood Angel assault squads cant take meltaguns anymore
  • – More stuff that I thought seem to have the CORE keyword. Example of what don’t: Centurions and Invictor warsuits
  • – Transhuman was there and appears to be the same
  • – There was a strat for phobos units to be put into reserves from the battlefield
  • – Non codex chapters do appear to get access to all the marine psychic powers and warlord traits and relics
  • – Speed of the Primarch was mentioned as the Blood Angel- only WL trait in the dex (fight first on wl)
  • – Only in death does duty end got nerfed can only use it if you haven’t already fought in the fight phase
  • Reivers: Pistol is now Special Issue Pistol, -2AP. They have a strat to turn off OBsec within 3″ and make an enemy take LD test to perform an action (the mission actions, like raising a banner). <Shock Grenades> is listed now, but I haven’t seen it come up anywhere yet. Only Deathwatch vanguard vets can take the heavy thunder hammer. Whoever said everyone can use it now is wrong LR and Repulsors have <Machine Spirit> with a strat that lets them ignore the wounds table for a turn.
  • Vet intercessors can either have regular intercessor load out, or assault int load outs. Srg upgrades are the same.
  • Suppressors weapon is now 3 shots each
  • The bolt carbine for the generic Primaris Master and SW Primaris Battle leader is now Special Issue Bolt Carbine (-2AP, D2).
  • The regular primaris captain and LTs power swords are now master crafted
  • Primaris chaplain and apothecarys pistol is now 18″ matching the indomitus one
  • Primaris techmarine has Forge Bolter Assault 3 S5 -1 D2 – Can shoot this even if you shot a pistol this turn. They can add +1 to hit for a vehicle each turn now.
  • Chainfist: 5 points.
  • Power fist: 10 points.
  • Chapter Master is as we thought, only affecting one unit a turn within 6″ (I can’t remember if this was a WHC preview or the Dakkadakka leak).
  • Chapter Master Relic is called Angel Artifice – +1 W, +1 T, 2+ save. Gravis Chapter Masters will be pretty buff.
  • Chapter Master Warlord Trait is called Master of the Codex – Roll D6 in the Command Phase while the Warlord is on the battlefield, 4+ gains a Command Point.
  • Executioner Rounds (Eliminators) confirmed to no longer ignore LOS.

New Chapter Tactics

  • Dark Angels: 1) +1 to hit if the unit did not move in this turn and 2) something about Combat Attrition, probably auto-pass.
  • White Scars: 1) can Charge after Advance or Fall Back and 2) can fire Assault with no penalty after an Advance move.
  • Space Wolves: 1) +1 to hit in melee if the unit charged, was charged or heroically intervened and 2) units with this tactic can heroically intervene as if they were characters.
  • Imperial Fists: 1) ignore Light Cover and 2) 1 additional hits with unmodified 6s with bolt weapons.
  • Crimson Fists: 1) +1 to hit when the target unit contains 5+ more models than this unit (VEHICLE counts as 5) and 2) 1 additional hit with unmodified 6s with bolt weapons.
  • Black Templars: 1) re-roll Advance and Charge rolls and 2) 5+ feel no pain against mortal wounds.
  • Blood Angels: 1) +1 to wound when charging, charged or heroically intervening and 2) +1? to Advance and Charge rolls.
  • Flesh Tearers: 1) +1 to wound when charging, charged or heroically intervening and 2) -1 AP on unmodified wound rolls of 6.
  • Iron Hands: 1) 6+ feel no pain and 2) double wounds on the damage chart.
  • Ultramarines: 1) +1 Leadership and 2) can shoot in a turn during which it Falls Back, but at -1 to hit.
  • Salamanders:1) you can re-roll one wound roll when resolving that unit’s attack and 2) each time an attack with an AP characteristic of -1 is allocated…treat as 0 instead.
  • Raven Guard: 1) count as being in Light Cover if the attacker is more than 18? away and 2) INFANTRY only count as being in Dense Cover if the attacker is more than 12? away.
  • Deathwatch: 1) each time a model with this tactic makes a melee attack against TYRANID, AELDARI, ORK, NECRONS or TAU, re-roll a hit roll of 1 and 2) after both sides have finished deploying their armies, select one battlefield role. Until the end of the battle, each time a model with this tactic makes an attack against an enemy unit with that battlefield role, re-roll a wound roll of 1.
  • Successor Chapter Tactic Changes
    • Born Heroes: Charging units +1 to hit with melee attacks.
    • Indomitable: now lets units automatically pass combat attrition tests
    • Inheritors of the Primarch: now includes Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves.
    • Long-Range Marksmen: adds 3” to the range of Rapid Fire and Heavy weapons, excluding Flame weapons.
    • Master Artisans: now only lets you re-roll one hit roll instead of a hit roll and a wound roll.
    • Preferred Enemy: now gives you one more option for your choices: CHAOS KNIGHTS, and only lets you re-roll hit rolls of 1 rather than all hit rolls, but you get it on all melee attacks instead of just attacks the turn you charge/intervene/are charged.
    • Stealthy:now the range on it is 18” rather than 12”.

Random Images

Rules from New Kit Boxes

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

The notion of upgrading your Characters into the various heads of their order within the Chapter was first introduced in Psychic Awakening: Faith & Fury. Elevating your Characters to Masters of the Chapter used to come at a cost in Command points via the use of specific Stratagems. However, in the new codex, you promote your Characters to the most senior ranks by investing additional points or Power for the privilege instead.

This method not only saves you from having to invest valuable Command points before the battle, but also serves as a great way to top up your army list if you find yourself a bit short. In fact, assuming you’re willing to spend the points or Power, you can even form a war council of the Chapter Master and his most senior commanders – how cool is that?!

Of course, upgrading your Characters in this manner does more than simply give them a fancy keyword. With each title comes a new ability, ensuring that their battlefield presence is enhanced to a level worthy of their rank. The Chapter Champion certainly lives up to his status, gaining no fewer than three new abilities that ensure he’s a real force to be reckoned with.

Enemy Characters beware – you don’t become the champion of an entire Chapter without being one of its most skilled duellists!

Each Master of the Chapter also has access to a Warlord Trait and Relic that are exclusive to their rank. If, for example, you like fielding Dreadnoughts in large numbers, never leave your home world without a Master of the Forge to lead them – not only is he skilled at patching up any damage, his Warlord Trait makes them even more devastating in his presence.

With the stunning new Primaris Techmarine coming soon, you’ll have the perfect candidate for a Master of the Forge, too!

Leading the Crusade

There’s one other cool feature in the new codex’s Crusade rules that we kept secret in yesterday’s article – there’s a special Requisition that enables you to promote your Crusade Characters to members of the Chapter Command! Check this out.

Now the onus is on your Crusade Characters to go forth and perform deeds worthy of promotion to such lofty ranks!

The Rule of One

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth a quick reminder that a Chapter can only have one of each Master of the Chapter. As such, only one Character can be upgraded in this manner. Similarly, if your army already includes a named Character who is a Master of the Chapter, you cannot promote another. That’s not to say that your army couldn’t include a historical Chapter Master of the Ultramarines, for example, but certainly not at the same time as Marneus Calgar! Having said that, ‘what ifs’ are one of the cornerstones of the hobby, so if Marneus Calgar isn’t present, you could totally have another Ultramarines Chapter Master battling alongside Chief Librarian Tigurius!

The biggest and best-ever edition of Codex: Space Marines is up for pre-order this weekend, and over the coming days, we’ll be taking a peek inside its covers to showcase some of its most exciting features. Today, we’re looking at the Chapter Tactics for the First Founding Chapters and their most famed successors, and how you can even choose your own Successor Tactics using the new books

First and Foremost

For the first time, the new codex includes Chapter Tactics for all nine loyalist First Founding Chapters, as well as the Deathwatch and those successors whose renown almost rivals that of their parent Chapter:

Even though the names may be familiar to many of you, some of the Chapter Tactics have undergone subtle changes that really help to hit home the character, attitude and fighting methods of the Chapter. Take the Space Wolves, for example, whose hunger for glory and ferocity on the counter-attack are legend. The new Chapter Tactic means that now it’s not just their Characters who can make Heroic Interventions, but ALL of their eligible units!

Meanwhile, the Blood Angels are notorious for their barely-controlled bloodlust, but it’s not just about their killing fury when in combat – they’re also chomping at the bit to get there in the first place!

The Dark Angels may be a secretive bunch, but one thing they never hide is their stoic determination in battle and martial prowess when their feet are planted.

Pick ‘n’ Mix

That’s not all – if you’ve created your own Space Marines Chapter, you’ll be pleased to know the new codex includes full rules for creating your own Successor Tactics, too. All you need to do is pick the two Successor Tactics that best identify the character or play style you have in mind from those listed, and boom – instant Chapter Tactics! Here are a few examples:

If you like purging heretics from afar, try this combo…

…Or if you prefer a more ‘hands-on’ approach…

With 19 Successor Tactics to choose from, you’ll be able to pick the perfect combination to suit your needs!

In last weekend’s epic preview, The Codex Show, we showed you a few brand-new datasheets that feature in the upcoming books, one being that of the Heavy Intercessors. Some of you eagle-eyed readers out there noticed the introduction of a new keyword – Core – and we wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about it and the impact it will have on the future of Warhammer 40,000.

Core Units

The Core keyword is used to identify units that form the fighting… well, core, of an army. These are most commonly represented by units of line infantry, though this doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to Troops, nor just Infantry.

In the case of the first two books, Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Necrons many Elite units such as Terminator Squads and Lychguard, as well as Fast Attack units like Bike Squads and Tomb Blades, have the Core keyword. Even some Vehicles will be Core units too, where appropriate.

But what does it mean to be a Core unit?

Aura Abilities

Moving forwards, many of the most powerful aura abilities will only affect Core units from a Character’s (sub-)faction. This represents a more realistic form of in-situ command, with Characters acting like they’re supposed to from a narrative perspective. After all, a Space Marine Captain should be issuing orders and inspiring units of his battle-brothers on the front line, not babysitting a squadron of Repulsor Executioners at the back of the battlefield!

As an example, let’s take a look at the updated Rites of Battle aura ability shared by all varieties of Space Marines Captain.

A crucial side-effect of this change is that Characters themselves won’t be affected by aura abilities that utilise the Core keyword – they’re supposed to be commanding others, not inspiring themselves to do better! In the example shown above, the Space Marine Captain won’t be able to re-roll his hit rolls of 1 and will instead have to rely on his own merit to strike home. To be fair, he’ll usually hit on a 2+ anyway!

Nor will the aforementioned Captain be affected by a Lieutenant’s Tactical Precision aura ability – a Captain has been there, seen it, and done it all, which is why he’s in charge and has such an amazing profile in the first place! However – and very much as intended – a nearby Core unit of Space Marines will be significantly more effective when in the presence of their Captain and/or a Lieutenant, just as they should be.

As mentioned earlier, these changes to aura abilities and the introduction of Core units will be rolled out with each new codex, starting with those of the Space Marines and Necrons.

Flame Weapons

Flamers are ubiquitous weapons for many factions due to their simple construction and ease of use – after all, you literally can’t miss! With an increase to the maximum range, flamer-wielding units that can reach the heart of the battle, or arrive from Strategic Reserves, will have the ability to torch their enemies on the same turn they appear!

Of course, flamers also serve as popular auxiliary attachments for combi-weapons, and they get a boost to their range too. Any unit that can field multiple combi-flamers will soon be able to make their fiery presence felt from a greater distance, even if they teleported or otherwise appeared directly into the fray. What’s more, it also conveniently matches the boltgun’s half-range for some additional rapid-fire death!

Hand flamers may be smaller in design, but will still spew forth a wall of fire when the trigger is pulled! As such, even hand flamers will be receiving an improved range. We suspect that the subtle influence of a Genestealer Cult may have been involved, as hand flamer-toting squads of Acolytes will certainty be effective when emerging from Cult Ambush!



Finally, the heavy flamer will also be launching its fiery payload further than ever before, making units that are armed with multiple such weapons more formidable (and perfect candidates for the Overwatch Stratagem). This also means that a Baal Predator’s heavy flamers and flamestorm cannon now share the same range for some red-hot barbecue action!

Melta Weapons

Two tank-busting (or, more specifically, tank-melting) stalwarts of the Imperial arsenal are also due for a boost – this time in hitting power. First up is the multi-melta, which we previewed in The Codex Show. In addition to firing an additional shot (it does have two barrels, after all), the multi-melta’s modified ability makes for a more consistent damage output at close range – and it can even inflict up to 8 wounds!

The new ability applies to combi-meltas, meltaguns, and inferno pistols too, so if your units favour bringing down monstrous beasts or armoured behemoths at close range, you’re in for a treat.

Heavy Bolters

These weapons don’t mess around, as they fire fist-sized, high explosive, armour-piercing ammunition. The destructive power of these upscaled boltgun rounds is about to be fully represented with an improved Damage characteristic.

Hunter-killer Missiles

These one-shot missile launchers are common upgrades on vehicles across the Imperium, from APCs to front-line battle tanks. Rather than matching the profile of a krak missile, like before, hunter-killers are getting a significant boost in Strength to help them truly live up to their name.

Melee Weapons

The new Assault Intercessors datasheet introduced the notion of Astartes chainswords, which featured a beefed-up profile of AP -1. The oversized chainblades carried by the Adeptus Astartes are considerably larger, broader, and heavier than those designed to be wielded by a human, so it’s only right that they make more of a destructive impact. As such, all Adeptus Astartes and Heretic Astartes chainswords will benefit from the new profile accordingly.

Thanks to the potent energy field running the length of their blades, power weapons are especially effective at cutting down armoured opponents. Yet they do more than shear through armour – they carve through muscle and bone with equal impunity! As such, power swords, power axes, and power mauls are receiving a Strength bonus to emphasise this devastating effect.

Storm Shields

It’s an easy thing to die on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium, so if you want to stay alive a little longer, bring a storm shield with you! Rather than a 3+ invulnerable save, all storm shields will instead offer a 4+ invulnerable save as well as a buff to the bearer’s armour. After all, it only makes sense that heavily armoured Terminators carrying storm shields should be all but impervious to incoming fire compared to their power-armoured battle-brothers. In fact, they’ll effectively start off with a 1+ save (though an unmodified roll of 1 always fails), so you’ll need to hit them with -2 AP to even make a difference!

It will serve as a core book for future codex supplements that will formally reintroduce each Chapter’s bespoke units and Characters (we’ll have more on these later). Existing codex supplements such as that of the Ultramarines are still perfectly compatible with the new book, and we’ll be providing the Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Deathwatch, and Space Wolves with get-you-by rules so you’ll be good to go from the outset.

As with the Codex: Necrons, the new Space Marines book is chock full of awesome supplemental Crusade rules for the Angels of Death. One of our favourite additions is the Requisition Even in Death I Still Serve, which sees a beloved but badly wounded Character from your Order of Battle interred within a Dreadnought’s sarcophagus to continue the fight!

That’s just one of the cool things you can do. There’s even the opportunity for one of your firstborn Characters to brave crossing the Rubicon Primaris, though doing so does not come without risk…

The new codex has also consolidated many of the most popular rules features that first made an appearance in the various Psychic Awakening books. The Chapter Command rules are one such example, meaning you’ll be able to upgrade one of your Chapter’s Chaplains, Librarians, Techmarines, and a variety of other Characters to the head of their order, but at a small cost in Power or points instead of using a Stratagem.

We’ve already shown you some of the brand-new Adeptus Astartes units, but to save you from struggling to identify all 98 units, we’re going to show the rest right now! First up, check out the Captain with Master-crafted Heavy Bolt Rifle – and yes, he’s wearing Mark X Gravis armour!

Wait a minute… a heavy bolt rifle? Yes, indeed! Heavy bolt rifles also happen to be the standard armament of… wait for it… Heavy Intercessors! And they’re called that for a reason – like their Captain, these bad-boys aren’t just heavily armed, they’re heavily armoured too, thanks to their Gravis armour. A Toughness 5 Troops unit with 3 Wounds apiece, anyone?

OK, we’re so excited about these guys that we can’t resist – here’s their full datasheet!

While we’re on Gravis-armoured Space Marines, check out the multipart kit for the melta-toting Eradicators that made their debut in Indomitus.

The kit includes loads more options, such as the ability to swap out their melta rifles for an even harder-hitting heavy version. You’ll even be able to give one Eradicator in the set a multi-melta, complete with its devastating new profile…

That’s right – the tanks of the 41st Millennium are going to be quivering in their tracks! Get wrecked.

The Bladeguard Veterans are also set to be treated to a multipart kit, offering dynamic new poses and the ability to equip the squad’s Sergeant with a neo-volkite pistol.

As of the new codex, Bladeguard Veterans will also be officially picking up the Deathwing/Wolf Guard keywords too, so they’ll seamlessly fit in as members of the fighting elite within the structure of the Dark Angels and Space Wolves Chapters.

A multipart Assault Intercessors kit is also on its way. In addition to more flexible posing options throughout, the squad’s Sergeant can be assembled with a hand flamer or plasma pistol, and can even wield a power sword, power fist, or thunder hammer too!

Last, but by no means least, is one of the coolest Primaris releases so far – the Storm Speeder! This awesome assault craft comes in three patterns, each equipped with a blistering array of heavy weaponry designed to eliminate a particular type of enemy. First up is the anti-infantry specialist, the Storm Speeder Hailstrike.

Armed with an onslaught gatling cannon, two ironhail heavy stubbers, and a pair of fragstorm grenade launchers, it can dish out some serious firepower.

Next up is the anti-armour variant, the Storm Speeder Hammerstrike.

Equipped with tank-busting missiles, grenades, and even a tri-barrelled melta, the Hammerstrike packs a serious punch. Check out the brutal weaponry at its disposal.

Lastly, the Storm Speeder Thunderstrike can also serve in an anti-tank role, though its twin Icarus rocket pods make it an effective dogfighter too, able to hunt down enemy aircraft with unerring accuracy.

Hungry for more? Stick around, refresh your browser, we’ll have more reveals shortly.

Invader ATV

Combat bikes are great, but sometimes you’ve gotta bring the big guns along for the ride.

Invaders can go anywhere your Outriders can go, and you can arm them with either an onslaught gatling cannon or a multi-melta to lay down some serious supporting firepower in a hurry. Talking of big guns…

Firestrike Servo-turret

Lock down the battlefield with heavy weapon platforms fit for Primaris Space Marines. 

Mounting either a twin accelerator autocannon or twin las-talon, and crewed by one of the Emperor’s finest, your enemies will think twice about taking on a Firestrike Servo-turret. Hold the line while the more mobile elements of your army leap into the fray

Planning Permission Authorised…

While we’re discussing Fortifications, we couldn’t resist showing you a few highlights from the datasheets of the upcoming units for the Space Marines and Necrons! First up the Hammerfall Bunker…

Primaris Techmarine

Your prayers to the Omnissiah have been answered! One of the most requested units for Space Marines, the Primaris Techmarine is on his way to repair your tanks and tear your foes limb from limb! 

With the steadily growing crop of new wargear coming from Belisarius Cawl’s brilliant mind, Techmarines required a bit of extra training. Now, they’ve passed their final exams and they’re ready to join their brothers in arms. 

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

You know what would go great with those Outriders? A Chaplain that can keep up with them and be heard over the roar of the engines. 

With all the fiery zeal of their foot-slogging counterparts, these warriors exhort nearby battle-brothers to heightened acts of valour and martial prowess. And they look great doing it. 


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