Daemons Dominate again, this time at a Down Under GT

by | Sep 20, 2020

This time we travel to Australia for a GT level event of 41 players. Brisbane GT continues the journey of the ever changing 9th edition meta with a large variety of armies doing well at this event.

Like last week, Daemons took the top spot, but this time they did it again with a completely different list! The list used Beasts of Nurgle as the fulcrum focusing on dominating the primary objective, regardless on how many points the opponent could score on secondaries.

Anyway, here are Brisbane GT Top 3 army lists…

Brisbane 40k GT: Top 3

Dan Savage 1st Place Brisbane 40k GT 2020 – Chaos Daemons

5-0 Scores: 99/98/80/76/74

Hayden Walduck 2nd Place Brisbane 40k GT 2020 – Space Marines – Imperial Fists

4-1 Scores: 100/87/88/72/100

Erik Lathouras 3rd Place Brisbane 40k GT 2020 – Tyranids – Genestealer Cults

4-1 Scores: 80/78/87/87/95

Thought as one of the worst armies in 9th edition it seems clear that Daemons might be underappreciated, especially like in tournaments where terrain is abundant. Space Marines though were able get into the Top 3, but was only one of the armies that made up the Top 10 at this event. Another “surprise” was the Tyranids list, but for anyone who has followed the Australian meta it shouldn’t be all that surprising to see a Gaunt spam list trying to stay competitive. As for the rest of the players with only one loss, we saw Ad-mech, Harlequins, Imperial Guard, and Grey Knights. Quite the spread and shows a healthy meta Down Under.

The Australian meta is typically very odd ball compared to the rest of the World, so it will be curious to see if these trends away from Space Marines continue or simply a blip until the new codexes come out.

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