New Month, New Tournament Results!

by | Oct 6, 2020

The first weekend of October 2020 had two events get enough players for GT status, one from Europe and the other in America. These events might have gone unnoticed as most Warhammer 40k players were too busy looking for on Space Marine and Necron 9th edition codex leaks.

In addition thankfully, unlike last week we didn’t have any tournament drama, but we did see a some similar armies make it to the top, and one Grey Knight list magically taking a top spot.

Here are the army lists…

Fantasia Fanatic XXXVIII: Top 3

Daniel Hesselberg 1st Place Fantasia Fanatic XXXVIII 2020 – Adeptus Mechanicus – Blood Angels

5-0 Scores: Didn’t use Standard Scoring

Henrik Lampen 2nd Place Fantasia Fanatic XXXVIII 2020 – Space Marines – Salamanders

4-0-1 Scores: Didn’t use Standard Scoring

Bilbo Goransson 3rd Place Fantasia Fanatic XXXVIII 2020 – Genstealer Cults

4-1 Scores: Didn’t use Standard Scoring

Octoberfest 2020: Top 3

Stephen Mitchell 1st Place Octoberfest 2020 – Grey Knights

5-0 Scores: 94/88/100/84/88

Mark Aescht 2nd Place Octoberfest 2020 – Chaos Daemons

4-1 Scores: 100/81/100/56/86

Weston Slaght 3rd Place Octoberfest 2020 – Space Wolves

4-1 Scores: 97/87/94/91/41

There’s really no good compelling reason to take a deep dive into these lists, as we are about to see some dramatic changes starting next weekend, as most armies got FAQs and Space Marines and Necrons make their presence known. So in other words, just went we thought the meta was settling, better buckle up for the rest of the year is going to get crazy!

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