Author: TastyTaste

Indy GT Circuit: Seattle GT Justice is Served!

Thanks to a poster in another thread, I was just informed that Nathaniel Williams has been stripped of his golden ticket and Gerry Sunada was given the title of Best General! ConQuest Seattle Indy GT 2009 Warhammer 40,000...

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More on Cheating and Site Updating

Blood of Kittens has been sweating balls today in order to make some changes to the site. Announcing today, Blood of Kittens has joined the Internet phenomenons of Twitter, Facebook, Feedburner, and Youtube in the hopes of...

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Indy GT Circuit: Seattle GT 2010 Results – Part 1

Let us tackle this in three parts. The first part is a break down of the tournament, including lists of the 10 best overall and the 10 best generals. Army Breakdown (77 players) Codex Space Marine: 19 players Codex Chaos Space...

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