Bay Area Open 2017 Coverage

by | Jul 28, 2017

This weekend we see one of the largest Warhammer 40k events held in North America: the Bay Area Open. This BAO is expected to have close to 200 players this year. Staying at the same location as last year Game Kastle In Mountain View, California, one of the biggest game stores on the West Coast. Having played at this location for regular games I have to say it can easily fit an event the size of BAO.

For my part I will not be playing in the event, as with these giant events it ends up being easier just to cover them, and an easy drive being local. I have to say this year’s BAO is a┬ábit of mystery, 8th is barely over a month old, and already the game has been hit with multiple errata and FAQs. Frontline Gaming has also made quick changes with the most controversial being rolling for first turn, plus a patch work of barely tested missions adding progressive missions elements to the tournament. We will also see ground levels of Ruins completely blocking line of sight and a power level cap of 31 to stop abusive Forge World units.My feeling though is with two meta leading lists of Flyers and Dark Eldar flocks being neutered, we can expect horde armies to perform very well. Look for Tzeentch armies, Ynnari Eldar, and Ork/Imperial Guard horde to dominate. Also the new Space Marine codex will not be effect, but that won’t stop Roboute Guilliman supported by Razorbacks and a few flyers to dominate. A dark horse is also Imperial Knights, if they can get lucky with match up they have a chance, and if they win new calls to limit Knights will start to rise.

Either way I will be covering the festivities with Facebook Live, posts and updates to this post. So keep and an eye out, as well Frontline Gaming will be doing some extensive coverage, bringing the whole Twitch rigs up for coverage.

Coverage Starts 7-29-17 10:00am PST

Round 4 is about to begin and hopefully the rock, paper, scissors of the first day is over. Day 1 fluctuated between two extremes of games not finishing natural to turn 1 massacres. 8th edition is proving so far a game where the player who goes 1st is at a distinct advantage and to combat that strong 2nd turn armies require hordes of models that bog down the game.

One thing it does though and this is not a good thing, is it allows anyone with good list building knowledge to pick out winners of games before they even happen. With that in mind, I am going to attempt to pick winners of games for round 4 before they even begin, let me see if correct I will be for the top 8 tables going into this round. I could end up being wildly wrong and hope I am, the only match I cannot pick is John McCool vs. Matt Barlow.

Brian Hart > Dustin Chesmer
Mitch Pelham > Phil Tracy
Matt Barlow = John McCool
Kyle Watson < Paul McKelvey
Domagoj Mitrovic > Tony Myers
Doug Johnson > Dustin Lane
Aaron Hayden < Brandon Grant
Adam Gati < Anthony Villa


So round 4 went mostly as I expected, with missing out on Gati win and know being a able to pick between McCool and his opponent.

As for round 5 two of the interesting lists were defeated Orks and Black Templars in the top 8 players.

Now we have round 6 the final round where Brandon Grant is in a great spot to win become back to back champ of BAO. I posted a little Facebook preview of the final matches so check that out on the BoK page.

As I called it Brandon Grant won his game and is now two time champion of BAO. With Flyers nerfed the new boogieman for the edition has been replaced by Conscripts! See my Facebook video for details.

Day 2 Videos!


Day 1 Videos!

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