Black Templars 9th Edition Codex / Supplement Leak Compilation

Oct 8, 2021

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time we have Warhammer 40k Black Templars 9th edition codex / supplement, rumors, leaks, previews. As with the other compilations the A running compilation of rumors, leaks, sneak peaks for Black Templar 9th edition codex / supplement. With new rules, point adjustments, stratagems and units. Compilation will feature both Games Workshop community info and any Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k Black Templar 9th edition codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders: Oct 9th 2021 Release Date: Oct 16th 2021 

  • Black Templar Box Set: $200

The Codex is out, so please go to the Codex Compendium page for everything you Need

Warhammer Community Sneak Peeks

The Black Templars Army Set is up for pre-order tomorrow, and Dorn’s most belligerent sons are just about ready to launch Crusades all across the galaxy. But that notion got us wondering – what is the most shamelessly aggressive Black Templars army list that we could think of?

Well, after perusing the new codex supplement included in their Army Set and meditating upon the teachings of Sigismund for guidance, we came up with this…

First of all, a bit of a disclaimer. Is it the best, most competitive army list ever written? No. But does it capture the uncompromising ferocity and fanatical intensity of the Black Templars on the battlefield? Definitely! Let’s break it down.

The Black Templars are renowned for taking to the field in large numbers – the average crusade fleet includes many more Space Marines than a standard Battle Company. We therefore decided that a full-size, 20-man Primaris Crusader Squad backed up by two further 10-man squads would not only make a statement in terms of numbers, but would neatly fill out a Battalion Detachment’s minimum Troops slots.


All three squads are kitted out with as many pyreflamers as possible, as well as (heavy) bolt pistols and Astartes chainswords for close-range dominance. 40 angry Space Marines running at you at full speed, supported by a Marshal with the Crusader’s Helm (to ensure they’re all in range of his Rites of Battle aura ability), and a Primaris Ancient to keep them fighting to the last, is certainly an intimidating prospect.

40kBT ZealousArmy Oct8 Boxout1

What’s more, they’ll also be augmented further by Grimaldus’ inspiring (and very angry) oratory. You’ll no doubt recognise the Litany of Hate, but what about the Litanies of the Devout? Well, Black Templars Chaplains have access to six bespoke litanies in the new codex supplement. We went with Psalm of Remorseless Persecution, and Fires of Devotion purely because they fitted our army’s theme of relentless aggression.

40kBT ZealousArmy Oct8 Boxout2

As any true fan of the faction will tell you, no Black Templars army is complete without an Emperor’s Champion. We included one on principle and gave him a unit of Primaris Sword Brethren to accompany him – and an Impulsor to drive them straight into the heart of enemy forces.


Finally, we just had to include a Land Raider Crusader. Not only does it look great in black, but it exemplifies the no-holds-barred fighting style of the Black Templars. What’s more, by sticking a Terminator Assault Squad in the cargo hold, there’s a nasty little trick you can pull off using the Chapter’s exclusive Relic Bearers rules.

40kBT ZealousArmy Oct8 Boxout3

Unlike most Relic Bearers abilities, which only affect the model carrying the revered artefact, Sigismund’s Seal applies to the bearer’s entire unit. Simply pick a target you don’t like the look of, drive straight towards it, then unleash your elite, thunder hammer-wielding paladins and enjoy all the re-rolls you could possibly want. With the hard bit done, you can kick back and enjoy the show as your opponent’s prize unit is violently clobbered into a pulp.


The cherry on the thematic top of our super-aggressive army list is our Templar Vow. 

We went with Suffer Not the Unclean to Live. It’s the most unapologetically hostile as its Passion element obliges your Black Templars to charge the nearest enemy at all times. Purging heretics is like cleaning stairs – you start at the top and work your way down, rather than picking which to clean one at a time.

40kBT ZealousArmy Oct8 Boxout5

If you’re looking to make the most of the Black Templars Army Set but still maintain the theme of a full-bore assault force, the Redemptor Dreadnought would make a suitably brutal alternative. Not only is its Redemptor fist an excellent option for dealing with enemy armour in melee, but you’d be able to utilize Wisdom of the Ancients to provide your massed infantry advance with Tactical Precision in the absence of a Primaris Lieutenant.

40kBT ZealousArmy Oct8 Boxout4

The Black Templars have potent Stratagem options at their disposal. This army is intended to deliver a huge knock-out punch to the enemy battleline with a massed infantry assault, which has the potential for overkill, leaving your potent melee specialists isolated from combat. Devout Push enables one unit that’s run out of heretics to stay on the front foot by moving closer to the action to keep the momentum going.

40kBT ZealousArmy Oct8 Boxout6

The Black Templars Army Set is up for pre-order tomorrow, so make sure you secure your copy and you’ll be discovering all the other awesome Chapter-specific rules in their codex supplement in no time.

The Black Templars Army Set is arriving for pre-order this weekend – it’s stuffed full of cool new miniatures covered in knightly details. The box also contains a codex supplement full of fanatical rules, including a section on the Relics and Relic Bearers of the Chapter.

As you might expect from a chapter that worships the emperor with such intensity, the Black Templars are obsessed with dusty old relics – to the extent that they even send out whole fleets to recover items which they – ahem – misplace.*

By swearing vows to a Chaplain on the eve of battle, a Black Templar can become an honoured Relic Bearer. This commitment demonstrates the warrior’s unspeakable devotion to the Emperor, and it lets you field a powerful piece of wargear. 

40k BTRelics Oct6 Boxout1

You may recall the tasty upgrade sprue we previewed when we introduced you to the rest of the Black Templars. If you want to go a step further – like every good Black Templar should – you can use one of these upgrades to single out your Relic-bearing miniature on the tabletop. 

40k BTRelics Oct6 Image3

Those who remember the earliest incarnations of the Black Templars will be familiar with Holy Orbs, masterpieces of arcane ordnance which combine explosives with the most sacred of ointments. When these Relics blow up in the face of a heretic, they’re getting more than a splash of holy water thrown at them.

40k BTRelics Oct6 Boxout3

Also among these Relics is the Icon of Heinmann. This symbol carried into battle by the late Castellan Heinmann represents his stubbornness in the face of utter defeat. On the tabletop, it reduces incoming Armour Penetration, allowing bearers of your Relics to shrug off armour penetration.

40k BTRelics Oct6 Boxout2

As a crusading force, the Black Templars also frequently find new relics on their travels throughout the galaxy. The Chaplains responsible for reclaiming these numerous artefacts have tomes that speak of many powerful and sacred relics scattered around the many worlds of the Imperium. 

You can seek these out as rewards for various deeds in Crusade battles. We’d love to talk about these thematic rules right now, but a skull-faced Space Marine is giving us a very stern look which means we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.** 

If you caught our latest Sunday Preview, you’ll be acutely aware that the mighty Black Templars Army Set is up for pre-order this weekend. It comes with a shiny new codex supplement (complete with an exclusive cover, no less), and in it you’ll find all the awesome knightly rules you could possibly hope for.


Foremost among the new rules are the Templar Vows. Long-term squires of the Chapter may remember these from when the heirs of Sigismund first burst onto the scene in Warhammer 40,000’s third edition. Well, Templar Vows are back and more binding than ever! Let’s learn a bit more about them.

40k BTVows Oct5 Boxout1

If you want to channel the unrelenting aggression of the Black Templars, choose to Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds.

40k BTVows Oct5 Boxout2

The ability to ensure that your units are always gaining an additional attack and improving the AP of their melee weapons by 1 is a formidable combination. You may lose the tactical flexibility of being able to Fall Back, but that’s less of an issue when your enemies all lie in pieces at your feet.

The Black Templars have always reserved a special hatred for Psykers. If you share their determination to eliminate these abominations, vow to Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch.

40k BTVows Oct5 Boxout3

A throwback to the classic ability to rush towards the nearest Psyker at the start of the game, this Templar Vow enables you to close the distance on your chosen quarry at a terrifying pace. That’s a Move characteristic of 17? for an Outrider Squad, which could well be the edge they need to get a turn-one charge. And if there’s a Psyker in the way, even better!

What an impressively zealous contingent of Space Marines. 

You’ll no doubt recognize High Marshal Helbrecht and the grizzled High Chaplain Grimaldus, who look like they’ve walked right off pieces of classic Warhammer 40,000 art. But what about all those others? 

If you watched the video closely – and we have many times – you may have seen a retinue of hitherto unseen miniatures, including more than a few nods and winks to Black Templars from the past.

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image1


Here we have the Castellan – effectively a fancy-pants Black Templars lieutenant – based on an inimitable piece of Black Templars art, providing a radically different look to your average Space Marine thanks to his skeletal pauldrons, all that piping, and the unconventional armour design.*

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image8 (1)


The Sword Brethren have also had an almighty glow-up. This elite squad can wield a diverse array of melee weapons, including thunder hammers and lightning claws, to beat and slash some faith into the most formidable opponents.

Even among the Adeptus Astartes, the Black Templars are inordinately devout. They simply adore excessive iconography, including sacred candles, the bones of martyrs,  and handy chains so your fellas will never lose their weapons again!

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image2

To represent this look across all of your army, you can get your hands on an upgrade frame packed full of details you can add to your regular Primaris Space Marines.

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image3

Outfit any Adeptus Astartes squad with custom pauldrons, cover your Assault Intercessors with honorific ribbons, and equip a Repulsor with a multi-melta – a weapon that the Templars favour for its ferocity.  

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image5

In a first for an upgrade sprue, you’ll also be able to equip the Relics you collect in your Crusade missions on your Heroes for that fervent narrative touch. 

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image6

Also included in the upgrade kit are 240 transfers, so you can really demonstrate how impassioned your Black Templars are.

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image4

While we’re talking about Passions, the Black Templars codex supplement is full of rules that make these over-enthusiastic knights shine through the grime of the battlefield. 

40k BTCover Aug16 Image2

For anyone whose questing has their diary blocked out for a few weeks, the miniatures contained within will be along separately in a few weeks, alongside a standard version of the codex supplement.

We’ll be taking a look at their new rules throughout the week, which cover all the ways this unconventional successor Chapter wages wars.

40k BTArmy Oct4 Image7

Our video team is so excited for this release they’ve even done a video to show you how to paint black armour to Battle Ready standard, ensuring you can power through your Crusader squads with ease.

Of the many heroes forged in the fires of the Third War of Armageddon, few command such reverence as High Chaplain Grimaldus, ‘Hero of Helsreach’.

Both High Marshal Helbrecht and the Emperor’s Champion have crossed the Rubicon Primaris, so it was only a matter of time before the Black Templars’ firebrand High Chaplain followed suit.

He may be clad in a shiny new suit of Mk X Tacitus Armour, but the detailing is full of callbacks to his classic miniature. From the bonding studs in his greaves to the candles on his backpack, Grimaldus is dripping in nostalgia and looking sharper than ever before.

40k Grimaldus Sep27 Image1

Grimaldus earned his title during the siege of Helsreach, when a millions-strong Ork horde fell upon the hive city. After months of intense fighting, the survivors fell back to the Temple of the Emperor Ascendent where they held the Orks at bay until the building itself collapsed around them. 

Miraculously, Grimaldus pulled himself from the rubble carrying three holy relics of the temple. Ever since, he has marched to war with them at his side, carried by a retinue of Cenobyte Servitors.

40k Grimaldus Sep27 Image2

The servitors carry the Banner of Fallen Crusaders, the Sceptre of Anointing, and the Remnant of the Fallen Temple. They form a procession-like unit on the battlefield that rallies the spirits of nearby Black Templars and drives them onward. 

Grimaldus surrounded by the relics he saved is an iconic image of the Chapter, and you may even remember their sombre display from an earlier Codex: Black Templar’s classic piece of artwork.

40k Grimaldus Sep27 Image4

As a Chaplain, Grimaldus is also a dab hand at inspiring his fellow Astartes to fight harder, making him an excellent commander for smaller forces like the one found in the new Black Templars Army Set.

40k Grimaldus Sep27 Image3

Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming Black Templars releases

Of all the Chapter Masters who lead the Imperium’s Space Marines into battle, none do so with the fury and zeal of High Marshal Helbrecht of the Black Templars. 

If you’ve been excited by the recent reveals of the Emperor’s Champion and Black Templars Army Set, you’ll have been wondering whether their glorious leader has joined them in crossing the Rubicon Primaris. You don’t have to wait any longer to find out…

Amazing, right? All jazzed up in his artificer suit of Mark X armour, he looks every bit the no-nonsense crusader that we know and love. 

The new Helbrecht model faithfully reimagines this classic piece of atmospheric artwork, with the Chapter Master of the Black Templars standing triumphantly over the body of an Ork, the fabled Sword of the High Marshals lodged in its chest.

As in the artwork, Helbrecht is accompanied by a pair of attendants. One of them is feverishly cleaning the Ork blood from the High Marshal’s blade, while the other just about manages to carry his combi-melta, Ferocity – to be fair, it is almost the size of the fella himself. 

Helbrecht now comes with a choice of three heads – one helmeted and two bare – so you can customise him to suit your preferred level of zeal. He also lost a hand fighting Imotekh the Stormlord since he last got a model – a nugget of lore that’s been faithfully represented on his new miniature.HelbrechtReveal Sept20 Image3

There are very few Chapters that match the aggression of the Black Templars on the battlefield and none who equal their righteous fury. With Helbrecht leading the charge, there is no battle line that they cannot sunder. 

The mighty High Marshal of the Black Templars will be available soon, as will the Black Templars Army Set – a perfect force for Helbrecht to lead. 

The Emperor’s Champions who serve across the crusades of the Black Templars are justly renowned across the galaxy as being among the most formidable warriors to face on the battlefield. With a stunning new Emperor’s Champion miniature on its way, it’s time to explain exactly why these mighty heroes are simply better than anything else out there. If you worship the Dark Gods or some other alien deity, you’re going to have to just suck it up and embrace the hyperbole!


1. Only the Very Best Opponents Will Do

Unless you’re one of the galaxy’s supernal warriors, you can expect to be casually swatted aside by an Emperor’s Champion as he bestrides the battlefield like a god of war in search of foes worthy of his sword.


2. They’re Chosen by the Emperor Himself

Before becoming an Emperor’s Champion, a warrior of the Black Templars will receive a holy vision on the eve of battle. Quite why the Emperor chooses to bestow this gift is a mystery. All that is known is that some great purpose now awaits them (no pressure), and they will fight wreathed in an aura of divine light. From that moment on, their duty is clear – to challenge and defeat the mightiest enemies of Mankind in glorious combat. Simple, right?

3. They’re Armed with the Finest Wargear

Should a Black Templar be chosen to serve as an Emperor’s Champion, the Chapter’s Chaplains will arm them with the holy panoply of their new role. He will wear the Armour of Faith, a suit of artificer plate, largely unadorned save for a wreath of laurels that crowns the helmet. He will also have the honour of wielding a Black Sword – a masterwork greatblade of unrivalled quality which can lop a head from the most heavily armoured neck with a mere flick of the wrist.


4. Dealing Death is Their Only Mission

To be an Emperor’s Champion is to serve the Master of Mankind directly. They are thus unburdened by their former rank, nor are they restricted by orders. They march fearlessly at the forefront to carve a path of bloody ruin through their enemies, seeking the worthiest foes to cut down for the glory of the Emperor. Deny them at your peril.

5. They Represent the Legacy of the Deadliest Space Marine of All

During the Great Crusade, First Captain Sigismund of the Imperial Fists was renowned among all the Space Marines Legions as perhaps the very best swordsman among them. During the Siege of Terra, Rogal Dorn named him the Emperor’s Champion and sent him to cut down the mightiest lords of the Traitor Legions. Dozens of these dread warriors fell to Sigismund’s blade – despite their many favours from the Dark Gods, they proved no match for the first and greatest of the Emperor’s Champions.


So, there you have it. Compelling evidence that you should either fear the Emperor’s Champion or have one in your army. 

Codex Supplement: Black Templars is on its way, and the galaxy’s most enthusiastic crusaders will be cleaving up a battlefield near you soon. But what sets them apart from their peers? We’ve got one word for you – zeal.


The Black Templars fervently believe in the divinity of the Emperor, and they will fight and die in His name without question. Though you could say that this aspect of self-sacrifice applies to almost any Space Marines Chapter, the Black Templars take their faith and dedication to the Master of Mankind far beyond their battle-brothers.

1. They Vowed To Fight an Eternal Crusade

The fabled Gloriana-class battle barge that serves as the Chapter’s flagship is called Eternal Crusader for a very good reason. 

In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, Sigismund made a sacred vow upon being anointed the Chapter’s inaugural High Marshal. He promised that the Black Templars would never rest in their duty to burn, purge, and violently clobber every heretic they could find from that moment forth. 

That’s dedication to duty right there.


2. Psykers Need Not Apply

At the Council of Nikaea, the Emperor weighed the decision whether or not to continue allowing his Space Marines to deploy battle psykers – that’s Librarians to most. Many of His sons argued for and against – but ultimately, the Emperor chose to forbid them.


And if you doubt how serious the Emperor was, just ask the Thousand Sons what happened when they chose to ignore His decree…


His proclamation was eventually – though somewhat unofficially – reversed to thwart the sorcery wielded by the Traitor Legions during the Horus Heresy. 

But if the Emperor says no, the Black Templars aren’t going to disagree. For more than 10 millennia since, they’ve held true to His original edict, and they still treat psykers with suspicion and hatred. Any psykers out there, you have been warned.

3. They Serve the Emperor and Only the Emperor

The black armour* worn by the Chapter’s battle-brothers is more than just a colour scheme. It dates back to when Sigismund was chosen by Rogal Dorn to serve as the first Emperor’s Champion during the Siege of Terra. 

His armour was ceremonially painted black like the Chaplains of the Reculsium, for he too was sworn to serve the Emperor directly. Upon becoming High Marshal of the Black Templars, he maintained this tradition for his warriors.


To this day, the Black Templars are beholden to no other, and they must be petitioned for aid by even the highest-ranking officials of the Imperium. They will only answer if they believe it to be the will of the Emperor – usually, it’s because a bunch of bad guys are very much in need of purging.

4. They Don’t Know the Meaning of the Word Quit

Their progenitors in the Imperial Fists may be famed for never quitting a battlefield, but once the Black Templars declare a Crusade, nothing will stop them from finishing what they started. 

During the Benedictine War, the entire Chapter fought alongside five orders of the Adepta Sororitas and a vast force of the faithful in a holy war to purge the Aeldari-controlled worlds of the sub-sector.

Imperial casualties were catastrophic during the bloody conflict – and they even included the loss of two successive High Marshals of the Black Templars. 

Despite the fact that little ground had been gained, the Ecclesiarchy declared an end to the Crusade and withdrew its forces, claiming the Emperor’s will had been done. But the Black Templars refused to cease their prosecution of the war. They continued fighting the campaign alone and eventually succeeded in cleansing the Aeldari from the whole sub-sector.


In short, don’t mess with the Black Templars – it will inevitably end badly. 

What’s more, they’re bringing some shiny heretic-purging wargear with which to immolate anyone foolish enough to besmirch the glorious name of the God-Emperor. Behold the Primaris Initiate with pyreblaster!

Purgation is back on the menu this October when the Black Templars return to the warpath with fantastic new miniatures and an exclusive limited edition codex supplement.

40kBT LaunchSet GenCon Sep18 Image1

The Army Set contains 13 miniatures, including 12 new Black Templars – a Marshal, the Emperor’s Champion, and a 10-man Primaris Crusader Squad with a ton of build options. You’ll also get a Redemptor Dreadnought, for targets which require a more forceful elimination.

The new Marshal comes with a couple of options, including two choices of head and a selection of weapons. There’s also an optional purity seal, but can you really imagine setting off on a crusade without sufficient sanctification?

You may well be wondering who the skeleton belongs to and why they’re up there on the Marshal’s backpack. We’ll tell you what he told us – “Do not question the Emperor’s holy will, heretic”. We hope that clears things up.

It will not have escaped your notice that the Crusader Squad is mixed. Those lads with the snazzy pudding-basin haircuts aren’t Scouts, though – they’re Primaris Neophytes, raw recruits who act as squires to the Initiates they accompany into battle. The kit also allows you to assemble a veteran Sword Brother to oversee the squad. 

40k Pyreblaster Aug23 Image1

Flamers are cool and all – if it’s possible for a weapon that sprays liquid fire to be ‘cool’ – but when it comes to delivering fiery death to the masses, the Black Templars prefer to dial it up to 11.

It’s got a sturdier design and longer barrel than a traditional flamer, so the pyreblaster can hurl promethium-based annihilation with devastating force. Those wielding these weapons can make their blazing presence known from further away while searing through an enemy’s armour with even greater vim.

40k Pyreblaster Aug23 Boxout

If you like your heretic steak ‘well done’, look no further than this formidable weapon. 

You might have noticed that the pyreblaster comes complete with a chain attaching it to the warrior’s wrist in the traditional manner of the Black Templars – perhaps that’s a hint at what else is on the way. Or maybe this particular chap is just prone to misplacing his belongings.

True heirs of Sigismund may notice that the gentleman in the middle has distinctly black-and-red shoulder pads, which mark him out as one of the elite Sword Brethren. But doesn’t he also appear to be wearing the armour of a Primaris Space Marine? How curious.

40k BTCover Aug16 Image2

It is the belief of many within the Imperium that ardent applications of faith will be rewarded. Well, Black Templars fans, what can we say? You have waited patiently, and you have received your just deserts. 

Wreathed in divine light, descending from the cold darkness of space with righteous fury, please be upstanding for the living miracle himself – the Emperor’s Champion.

40k EmpChamp Aug9 Image1

Now that’s a champion, alright. For the Black Templars, perhaps the most pious – and pernickety – followers of the Imperial Faith, the Emperor’s Champion is the holiest of all. 

No one knows how or why, but every so often, a Black Templar of any rank starts receiving visions from the God-Emperor – and when the Lord of Mankind makes you that kind of offer, you can’t just refuse it.

Wracked by these visions, a newly anointed Emperor’s Champion is confirmed by the Chapter’s Chaplains, leaves their old life and rank behind, and is tooled up with a whole chapel’s worth of relics and raiments. These include a Black Sword, a rare power weapon, the first of which was wielded by Sigismund, First Captain of the Imperial Fists.


Emperor’s Champions also wear the Armour of Faith and an Iron Halo, artefacts of such sacred power that the Black Templars have been known to launch entire crusades to recover them if a Champion falls in battle. This is a Chapter that does not mess around.

40k EmpChamp Aug9 Image2

Just look at all those heirlooms, just begging for a lick of the Emperor’s holy paint. 

All of the sacrosanct wargear is present in magnificent detail on this stunning miniature. It’s so fine, you can almost see the light of the Emperor shining down and wreathing him in glory.*

This new Emperor’s Champion is actually a careful homage to a classic model from Warhammer 40,000’s fourth edition, honouring Chapter tradition through this iconic pose.

40k EmpChamp Aug9 Image4

The Emperor’s Champion is a paragon of faith and fury whose appearance on the battlefield strikes fear into the hearts of those who oppose him. And, rest assured, he won’t be standing alone. 


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