Author: Brent

Strictly Stalking: On Blogging Part VII

Hello again boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages, Brent here to talk Killzone Blitz! Ever heard of Killzone?  What about Big Jim, or Galaxy in Flames? You’re in for a treat and I’m glad I can be the one to hand out...

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Strictly Tryouts: The Lost Diaries

Having finished his ridiculously involved ‘short’ first project for 6371, our hero (Brent – why did you have to ask?) is very, very tired.  But he hates missing deadlines!  The chickies might forget his name...

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Stricktly Two Cents: On Blogging, Part VI

Ah, life.  As I sit here typing this I can look out my window and watch the sky dump buckets of rain on dreary North Texas. So, how is this an analogy for today’s article? It ain’t.  I’m not feeling clever...

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Strictly Douchery: Mass Murderers as Nicknames

Warning: what follows is part douchery and part commentary.  It has very little to do with the hobby and contains images some may find offensive.  It’s also at least a little self-serving… So it’s perfect for...

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