Author: TastyTaste

Meat for Meta: Kill Points have feelings too.

Oh, Kill Points why does the world hate you so much? Oh, Kill Points why do you make Mech armies cry? Oh, Kill Points why do I have to massacre sometimes my opponent to win? These are just some of the questions that come to mind...

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Meat for Meta: Really, it is not that scary.

People hate the unknown and get ants in their pants when they cannot account from something random. In 40k the random is anathema to mathhammers and power gamers alike. The random can throw a wrench into someones perfect plans....

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It’s like Tactics: Plasma Guns > Meltaguns

They both can melt your face and they both have a high strength, but one is the darling of 5th edition.¬† Now time to turn back the clock because plasma is back and here are the reasons why… How could a case be made for...

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Best of 40k Internet: Army Builder 3.2

Holy improvement Lonewolf. Army Builder 3.2 has transformed Army Builder from a lazy gamer tool, to only Luddites and Flat Earthers should avoid. The newest version of Army Builder has finally added those “duh”...

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