Primed and Ready to Go!

Nephrekh Warrior

Not your standard silver metallic Necron scheme

This first post is an introduction to the hobby side of this project. The goal is to get my hodgepodge collection of Necrons into a cohesive looking army, with an unified theme and backstory. It will also be a semi-competitive army, so those considerations in design and choice are included. The back story for this army is pretty straightforward, Anrakyr the Traveller has convinced a few Overlords from various dynasties to join him in his pursuit to awaken any tomb which are still slumbering, this includes the legendary Cryptek Illuminor Szeras. These Overlords see opportunity, either uncovering lost tech for their Crypteks or expanding there domains if the newly awaken tombs prove “unruled”. Already this has unfortunately lead Anrakyr into contact Drazak the Bone King and his army of Flayed Ones, but Anrakyr always the opportunist “negotiated” use of Drazak forces as long as any encountered Flayer Virus infested tombs are directed to Drazak for his own machinations.  

Novokh Warrior

Novokh are known for their bold blood color.

CONVENIENTLY— having any army based on Anrakyr and Szeras means you don’t have to stick with just one dynasty when building a Necron army. The dynasties I am using (as you might have gathered), are elements from the both the Novokh and Nephrekh dynasties. The big hobby challenge by picking these two dynasties is the not so compatible paint schemes. Well instead of just dipping the everything in bronzer, I will try mirroring the red portions typical on the Novokh, but with bronze instead Nephrekh, while keeping the red for the Novokh for the Novokh. I will still to create an unifying look, with white highlights for both dynasty and use the standard Necron (silver) metallic for the bodies and weapons. For added detail and to build some backstory, the bases will use plenty of skulls of the Necron variety as Anrakyr uncovers ruined tombs worlds.

STARTING — with the models above, you can see I have a lot of work to do. I will have to do some fixing and go over a few of them, namely the Night Scythe and the Overlord. I also have to make sure the black on the Necron Warriors doesn’t darken them too much when matching the rest of the army. As for everything else, they are primed with Leadbelcher, with the Deceiver being intentionally left black.

I am speed non-airbrush painter, so the goal isn’t golden demon here, instead going for a tabletop plus look. I always want my armies to look great from a few feet away, and don’t need all the details filled in with everything edged highlighted to death. I will also be using online guides, mostly for pallet suggestions. The first unit to take is going to be the Destroyers (Nephrekh), they are the least detailed model in the force, and can really demonstrate if my color scheme and unifying themes will work. After that I will probably work on the Immortals or Warriors next (Novokh). Once the easy stuff is done, I will have a good basis on how to approach the rest of the force and if I need to make list changes that might effect units I swap in or out.

Lastly, though will be Anrakyr and Szeras as I am still not sure if I plan on using color elements from the rest of force or just keep them distinctive, true their unaligned natures. 

I hope this project won’t take more than 2 months and this blog is part of an incentive program to get these models done.